Escort Central Locking - Tony
I have a 1,4 Ghia with central locking. I am able to lock the doors from the outside but am unable to open the car from the driver`s side door. How easy is it to fix central locking - would it be just a matter of taking the inside panel off this door and `having a fiddle`?
Re: Escort Central Locking - Simon
How old is your Escort, has it always had this problem or has it just developed? If it has just developed and your Escort is more than a few years old then it is most likely to be a worn key, a very common occurance. If it has always been like this then either it is still a worn key or maybe not even the right one at all. All Ford keys from the late eighties onwards will lock all Ford locks, but only the right key will open them. The only other possible thing is that something inside the lock mechanism on the drivers side has jammed but my money would be on it being the key that is at fault. But it is not the central locking that is at fault though either which way, (as long as I have read your post correctly). Have you not got a spare key?

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