Bumper Damage - Andrew Ward
Has anyone had experience of Plastic Technik? (As recommended by HJ for bumper repairs.) Some kind soul has scraped the paint off the corner of my (week old) Lexus IS 200. Or should I go back to the dealer which will probably cost a lot more...
Re: Bumper Damage - Phil Goodacre
Yes they are part of Paint Technik who are one of our approved repairers, we being Autorenew. We market a policy specifically to cover this type of damage. Call us on 01332 202990 for details. We can vouch for Plastic Technik, they are excellent.
Re: Bumper Damage - M
Besides, if he uses them and they're rubbish he'll report it
back here, won't he?
Re: Bumper Damage - Malcolm
Psst! we have someone infiltrating the site to advertise his services and products here. Is this allowed?
Re: Bumper Damage - Perky Penguin
No, he is just answering the question! Plenty of questions are asked here and answers are given which mention specific products (Autoglym, Miller's Fuel Additives, T-Cut etc) It is information, not advertising; do you object to HJ's list of recommended garages? Don't you want to know what is good and what is bad? This is what this whole Back Room is about - I think!
Re: Bumper Damage - Siegfried
The guy asked - he got an answer, we want to know about good companies as well as bad ones
Re: Bumper Damage - Phil Goodacre
Thank you Siegfried. We like to think of ourselves as a good company.
Re: Bumper Damage - Malcolm
Ok,ok but that was certainly a plug for his company in the "trolley dolly" thread,not advice or anything , it even read like an advert. So that is my opinion, like it or not that is what this forum is all about.
Re: Bumper Damage - Phil Goodacre
How very astute of you Malcolm. I do hope that my posting has not upset you to the degree that you wouldn't consider any good product that was surruptisiously advertised on this forum. Products are promoted here all the time, the only difference in this instance was the product is my companies. If you had something worth shouting about, wouldn't you take the opportunity.
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