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i have a problem with my car that hopefully you can clear up for me, the
car is a vauxhall astra 2.0 turbo diesel MY99 and the fault is with the
engine management.

the engine management light began to periodically flicker at 60-65
mph,then after a few months it remained periodic but stayed on, with a
lack of acceleration experienced. i needed to stop, switch off and then
restart the car to make the light go out.

my local vauxhall garage changed the vacuum pump after using their
diagnostic machine to trace the fault. after a week the problem returned
with the same symptons, this time loss of acceleration is at 80-85, but
the light is still flickering at 60-65, needing the car restarted to
clear the light again.

as i don?t want to get landed with another big bill, i was wondering if
you have any ideas as to what the problem might be?

astra turbo diesel engine management - Dynamic Dave
Cyril666 had a similar problem with his Vectra.

Found this old thread on the subject:-

And the solution to his problems:-
astra turbo diesel engine management - Dave N
Cyril666 had a lack of vacuum due to broken pipes. It looks like they diagnosed the same lack of vacuum with yours and put it down to a faulty vacuum pump, which just so happens to be the most expensive part. They should have checked the vacuum output of the pump with a vacuum gauge, and made the decision to replace the pump on that. If that checked ok then the problem obviously lays with a leak somewhere.

I would go back and tell them the new pump hasn't made any difference, therefore you want your money back, and they are welcome to refit the old pump. And ask them if the fault still showing is a lack of vacuum, if so, suggest they look for the leak this time. You want to hope it doesn't fail to start one morning, otherwise they'll be telling you you need a new engine.

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