Bargain Synthetic Oil? - Millers57
An advertisement in my local paper took caught my attention recently.It was for BP VISCO 7000 FE 0W30 fully synthetic engine oil £12 for 4 litres.I checked on the BP website and this oil was primarily developed for the extended change intervals with Audi/VW in their motors.
My car a Primera 2.0 SRi uses 10W30 according to the Haynes manual but the handbook gives a range of oils depending on the climate.I use Havoline 5W30 at 5000ml intervals with my mechanic choosing to use Valvoline turbo 10W30 on it's 10000 ml service,
The BP website given the details of my car recommended BP VISCO 7000 0W40.Probably a difficult one to answer but any opinions on the suitablity of the 0W30 oil or should I steer clear of what appears to be a bargain.
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Bargain Synthetic Oil? - Cyd
What grade is specified by Nissan? Provided your car is specified to have 10W30 then 0W30 will be fine. The 0W will give faster and easier flow when the engine is cold (especially on cold winter mornings) but at normal temperature you still have a SAE30.

If you're looking at a table of temperature vs grade then choose the grade that is suitable for -10 to +30 centigrade ambients. That should suit the UK climate okay.

Another bargain: Carlube Triple R fully synthetic in 0W40 or 5W40 in Big W for £20 for 5 litres.
Bargain Synthetic Oil? - Gazza
Chervon fully synthetic 5w40 SJ for petrol engine
£10 (£11.75 inc. VAT) for 4 litres

Chervon oil I got is made in EU. As Chevron owns Texaco, I think the oil is the same as the 5w40 fully synthetic you can buy in Texaco. Am I correct?
Bargain Synthetic Oil? - Vansboy
Still don't think you'll beat Vauxhall own brand (Esso/Comma make it, I think)
Fully synthetic 5W40 SJ/CF A3/B3 £41.35 inc VAT for 4x5lts
Semi-synthetic 10W40 SJ/CF A3B3 £21.05 '' '' ''
Mineral 15/40 SJ/CF A2/B2 £17.62 '' '' ''
This is really an on going trade deal,so you need a friendly local mechanic/garage,to order it for you, or an even more friendly Vauxhall parts department!!
Bargain Synthetic Oil? - Millers57
Cyd Nissan specify 10W30 grade so I guess I should be okay to use the 0W30 with probably better protection on cold starts.Thanks to all for your replys.


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