Reversing sensors - hillman

The reversing sensors on my car have finally given up. Can anyone recommend a make that I can fit to replace them ? The alarm sound must be loud because my hearing aid filters out the bleep of the present one and I have to rely on the lights. When we rented a Vauxhall Insignia last year I was very impressed with loud Boing when the reversing sensors worked. Sorry about the emissions !!

Reversing sensors - gordonbennet

Steelmate make good reversing sensors, not cheap (but then they're not cheap tat) but you can buy all parts individually so if a sensor fails or you break one it won't a a major problem.

Clever stuff, i had front and rear on a Hilux, as well as the sound they can come with a small pack that sits on or in the dash and lights up accordingly too, accurate.

Reversing sensors - primus 1

Dolphin also do reverse sensors, you can get them already coloured to match your car

Reversing sensors - hillman

Thank's fellas.


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