Falling Insurance Costs - Hugo {P}
Is it just me, or have others noticed this as well?

I received a quote a few days ago for renewal of £333.50 FC on my Xantia 2.0L 16v (quite a pricy one to insure). This was about £40 less than last year. Uninsured loss recovery service thrown in as is unlimited no claims protection.

OK I am now 35 as opposed to 34 last year, apart from that nothing else has changed.

My only speeding conviction was April 99, 45 in a 30 by a camera.

My most recent fault accident was November 2001 (well it wasn't my fault I got stiched due to a technicality and had to share blame).

I have had no incidents in 2002 at all. Is this their way of saying "Well Done Hugo!"?

I am with NIG through a local broker. I've stuck with them as their ULR service left me £2K better off as a result of that bump in Nov 2001). They were 2nd to none!

Falling Insurance Costs - volvoman
Hi Hugo- hope you're well! I got my renewal from more Th>n last week and it was cheaper than last years too :-)
Falling Insurance Costs - MarkyMarkD
My renewal with e-sure is less than last year and I'm almost in the same position as you - 34 now (33 last year) and Renault Laguna. Nice to see premiums falling when all the press comment seems to say that they are rising.
Falling Insurance Costs - Dynamic Dave
Is it just me, or have others noticed this as well?

My car's insurance went up by about £40, IIRC, and my motorbike insurance has just risen by £10.
Falling Insurance Costs - HF
My car insurance rose too, I think by about £25-£30, before I changed cars and it had to rise again. And I'm only TPFT.
Falling Insurance Costs - DavidHM
Mine's down by £200 this year, with a different insurer, from £837 to £636. (I haven't decided on whether to go for Liverpool Victoria or elephant.co.uk)

I actually want the bonus accelerator because I'm looking to change my car in 10 months' time anyway, so don't mind that it works out more per month.) In a year's time I'll be 25, in a much lower risk job, and earning more money.

My premium isn't due for just over a month though, so I'll probably wait until I know who my new flatmate will be and whether to include them on my car insurance before actually choosing one.

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