Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Steve G
I was involved in minor accident this afternoon and have been left in total disbelief at the police and other drivers actions.
I was stationery at a very busy roundabout waiting to pull out when a car from behind hit me pushing me straight on to the roundabout. Fortunately the cars on the roundabout swerved and managed to avoid hitting me.
Not one driver (apart from the guy who hit me) stopped to check that no one was hurt. To top this a police car at the next roundabout exit with a perfect view of my car (bumper hanging off e.t.c) and the crumpled front of the car that hit me blocking the roundabout did not stop to help.
Is it expecting too much of people to spend 30 seconds getting out of thier car to check that no one is injured ?
Sorry for the rant but having whiplash and a car thats a write-off has put me in 'feeling sorry for yourself' mode ;-)

Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Doc
It's sad Steve, but as with so much in today's world, people are basically selfish. No one wants to get involved, or are in too much of a hurry.
You often hear of people getting attacked and a whole bus/train load of passengers will look the other way.
Hope your neck injury is not too serious.
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Ian D
Sorry to hear your plight, my recent experience was the opposite, I was shunted whilst stationary on a road just outside Yeovil in Somerset, quite a big one at 6pm, dark, people going home and perhaps not wanting to get involved but within about minute of the crash with whiplash which at the time seemed worse, I had an off duty Firewoman help out and report the situation on my mobile phone, a passing police Panda car stopped and sorted out the traffic whilst his mates and the fire brigade were called and 2 other motorists stopped to see if they could help.

I think that if it is a minor shunt people aren't interested, but if it is a bigger shunt then there is a chance of injury people are more concerned. Or maybe in the Westcountry people are justt more helpful?
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - frostbite
In this day and age, be thankful that the chap who rear-ended you stopped!
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Dave_TD
When a barry boy in a Nova rear-ended me on Monday night, within two minutes I had 2 other Novas, a Corsa and a 106 all stop close by!
Landed up with 15 or so teenagers milling about, looking at the damage to their mate's car and not daring to approach me... One of the cars was even providing the immediate neighbourhood with music to accompany the entertainment!
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - JamesH
Steve, I know the feeling. My shunt wasn't as bad as yours but the the other cars only seemed to be annoyed that I was blocking lane 2 of a dual carriageway. With no-one stopping you end up with no witnesses either.

I hope you will all be covered by the other driver's insurance in these cases. The car that hit me was a rental car. I have given the name, address and phone number of the rental company. However, as the other driver didn't own the car and has now gone back to his own country, my insurer must do a DVLA search to find the car's owner.

I would stop if the accident happened right in front of me. I would be very reluctant to stop if I didn't actually see the accident. There are cases on Crimewatch where people stop to help breakdowns etc but it turns out to have been staged and someone was mugged or worse. It's probably not that likely but I wouldn't take the risk.

Dave - I hope their baseball caps turned were the right way around and dipped in shame!

Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - MarkyMarkD
People's behaviour does seem to vary, but unfortunately not in any logical way.

My wife had an accident in Bristol years ago at a busy set of lights. Nobody stopped to witness it, or to help, including a police car which almost definitely saw the crash and was certainly there within a minute of the accident. As the third party lied about fault it took over a year to resolve this one "at the doors of the court" with a settlement in our favour.

She's had a few other (no fault) accidents at which nobody helped or witnessed.

But when I had an (admittedly quite nasty high-speed) accident on the A40 in Herefordshire (I think - the bit which now has a closed gap and a 50 limit), another driver stopped, provided witness statement and was generally very helpful and kind.

Oh, and I helped someone out of their car after they rolled it off the road and through a hedge on the Fosse Way a few years back too! Still can't quite understand how that accident happened - no other vehicle involved but it happened right in front of my nose.

I think there are too many horror stories and some people are just too scared to stop for the reasons you mention. Tragic indictment on society really and I'll still stop and help if I can.
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - slefLX
I think there are too many horror stories and some people
are just too scared to stop for the reasons you mention.
Tragic indictment on society really and I'll still stop and
help if I can.

I agree but as a rule I wouldn't stop if there were other people already there as I'm usually a lone female and I am also quite young (and look it too) I would be scared of what could happen. I think this is a sorry state of affairs, especially as I'm a qualified first-aider so I know I could potentially be of great assistance in an accident.

Saying that though, when I was in a crash on a NSL Dual c/way (as a passenger) just before midnight on Christmas night 2000 there were people coming to help within seconds. But I suppose that may have been because of the noise we made as we hit the lamppost at approx 40mph!!

I think in total there were about 5 or 6 people helping us including one medical person (I can't remember now whether he was a doctor or off-duty paramedic).

I suppose what I'm saying is that each incident needs to be assessed on it's own merits whether you should personally stop or maybe drive away and call the emergency services from a (safe?) distance away from the scene - I know that's the advice given about if you see an accident on the motorway

Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Peter D
Personally I carry a pre printed Witness Shhet that states Nmae address usual contact details. If I witness an accident I, as I hope all of you do, grab my dictaphone that I always carry in the car, and detail the even, time, location and car registrations, then just hand the, In my view, innocent party the 1/2 A4 Sheet and off I go. Regards Peter
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Durelli

I've carried personal 'business' cards with my name, home address and phone on, to save time at the roadside. I've given them out a couple of times, and then I was involved in a multi car smash on the M4 in Jan. While we were all waiting around one of the other drivers came out with a story that he'd had an accident 5 years previously, the 3rd party had gotten his home details and been harrasing him ever since.

I see that do 250 free cards. You could get some of these printed up with your name and mobile number. This could be used for various things included accident scene. You could then write on your insurance co and reg as required.

I'd be against putting the home number down as this points to an area.

I'd also make a point of getting car reg down for all 3rd parties. Apparently there are loads of uninsured drivers around, and the reg is one thing at the scene that stands a chance of being traceable.

But then again, the idea of car identity theft, were numbr plates are stolen to avoid speeding fines, congestion charges etc, is supposed to be on the increase.

Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - GRowlette
We never stop at an accident, it's possible we get implicated in the blame for it. Very common.
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Mark (RLBS)
Isn't it France where it is an offence not to stop and help ? But maybe that's just injury accidents.
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - HF
Yes it's France, IIRC from the Princess Diana crash.
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - CM
In all the years that I have been driving I have never witnessed a crash so have never needed to be a witness or help out.

I have been shunted up the back a few times and someone drove into the side of me once. I was very annoyed as the person didn't look in both directions and came straight out of a junction, claiming that I was driving too quickly!! A person very quietly walked up to me and gave me his card and wandered off without uttering a word!! The witness was a partner in a firm of solicitors.
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - FFX-DM
I *always* stop at an accident, unless there are obviously already several other people who have stopped. If I witness an accident I always give my details for the insurance claim. When I used to travel with a friend, he told me a story where he had been a passenger and his driver had refused to stop for an accident because they were running late. Later on it transpired that the lone occupant of the car had died alone at the spot before help had arrived. That story affected me. I am also a first aider, so feel that it would be my duty to stop and do what I could.

I agree that the rest of the world may be a bunch of selfish ***s who won't stop, but that does not deter me. I would hope and expect somebody to stop for me (I have been lucky so far, and people have even stopped when I have had my car brake down).

My brother in law not only stopped for an accident (motorist knocking over and serious injuring a cyclist whist overtaking a queue of traffic on a blind bend) but also persued the motorist who did not stop and phoned the police from outside the guys house.

There are plenty of nice people out there. I try my best to be one of them. Oh, I am also a lone female.
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Sherwood
I hope you never have an accident and need witnesses GRowlette
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Steve G
Interesting response !
I understand that a lone female might be relunctant to stop at a accident scene (particularly on country roads e.t.c) but in this case the accident happened on one of Dorset's busiest's roundabouts at midday with probably 8-12 cars witnessing the accident. There was even cars along side me in the next lane.
I just cannot imagine seeing an accident and simply driving off without checking too see if anyone is injured.

Thanks for the concern but my whiplash is not so bad today.The other driver has admitted liability to his insurance company so its looking straightforward.Bad news is the replacement hire car is a Fiesta !
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Toad, of_Toad_Hall.
Funnily enough my problem is always the dielema of whether to stop for lone females when I'm on my own. I reckon I'd scare the life out of them and probably wouldn't be able to help much anyway.
On the other hand the reward for an uneasy few minutes waiting with me (who for all they know is about to harm them) might be that a nutter who will harm them doesn't stop.
Usually I'm in a hurry and am glad of the excuse not to stop.
I will remember not to log into frog registrations from work.
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - BrianW
I had this problem when I was following a lone female in a car with the rear exhaust box dragging on the ground.
I eventually managed to get her to stop and I detached the offending part and put it in her boot for her.
I don't remember her saying "Thanks" though.
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - No Do$h
in this case the accident happened on one of Dorset's busiest's roundabouts
at midday with probably 8-12 cars witnessing the accident. There was
even cars along side me in the next lane

Not Frizzell Roundabout was it Steve? I hear a couple of nasty crunches a day from my desk and sometimes see them happen, especially now I'm in County Gates House. Had my name on a claim form or three over the past 4+ years there.

Looks good on your claim form if your witness works for an insurance company, even if I'm nowt to do with the motor or general side.
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - HF
As an often lone female driver, I can understand everyone's points here, and it just strikes me what a pity it is that no-one in this day and age can stop to help a fellow motorist because either

a) they are male and they are worried about scaring the female fellow motorist or even of having wild accusations thrown at them, or

b) they are female and too scared of the very remote but possible consequences if they stop to offer assistance to a male driver.

This has nothing to do with Steve's original post, however, bearing in mind he was in broad daylight on a busy stretch of road. That, I fear, is just a symptom of what has happened to society in this country lately.

Going slightly (ok very) off-topic, I remember during the Falklands war, a sudden ability by the British public to help each other out, care about each other, even talk to strangers, just because the country as a whole had pulled together. I wonder if the same will happen if the Iraq war starts - but somehow I doubt it.

Hope that's ok, M, because it wasn't political.
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Steve G
>>Not Frizzell Roundabout was it Steve?

No ,it was the roundabout near Wimborne (Canford Bottom) which has about 6 exits (Wimborne/Ferndown bypass e.t.c).
Had a friend who had an accident at Frizzell's RBT though !

>>Whiplash injuries

My insurance company are aware of the injury and I will go to a doctors just to put it on record should there be any future problems.

Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Godfrey H {P}
I hate to be negative, but I think you should see your doctor about your whiplash to establish a medical record in case you want to sue the other driver. I was hit from behind years ago and still suffer problems with my neck. I too thought there would be no permanent problems and didn't sue. I wish I had now so that I would have some money to pay for the phsyiotherapy I now have to have from time to time.
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - GRowlette
Well it's another country. If a foreigner stops, or if someone in a nice car stops, witnesses can be bought and also the police to say that car was the problem. There are even professional accidents whereby someone will nudge your car or a pedestrian will bounce off it and claim he's hurting just to get your money.

The cops will put anything in the accident report if the complainer is important or powerful or simply is willing to pay.
Even the police advise, never stop if you are not involved.

Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Primera_p
I know it wasn't an accident but I thought I'd just share this.

Last night I broke down on a busy A road at 9.15. Whilst checking under the bonnet a car stopped to ask if I was ok, offered me a lift, the use of their mobile (but there was no signal) and then dropped me at a phonebox in the next village to call the RAC.

I've only been driving for 7 years but this was the first time anyone has ever actually stopped to ask me!!

Thankfully there are still some decent people out there!
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - peterb
I thought Primeras didn't break down!

Peter (former Primera driver)

PS Hope all is sorted now
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Dave_TD
I hope they don't, I've got one as a courtesy car for the next month!
Accident -why does no one stop anymore ? - Primera_p
Well I say it broke down...

I have recently had the head gasket replaced and the incident on Tuesday night happened as I was overtaking an HGV. Unfortunately the accelerator stuck open so I had to kill then engine, put on the hazards and slowly come to a stop. Then I had the HGV overtake me (lol).

A rubber cap off the acc cable bolt came loose, slid down the cable and wedged the throttle open. So technically it wasn't a breakdown as such (attempts to promote Primera's reliability!) but didn't fancy completing the job on this main road and risk getting killed into the bargain :-)

A note to Primera owners - if your radiator looks a bit dodgy then replace it asap, mine went and it overheated and the head gasket went 'just like that'. I've learnt a very expensive lesson.

Value my car