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I have the Omega MV6 and it is just turning 3 so I put it in for its MOT. About three/four days before MOT I started to feel some problem and reported this to the garage and when I phoned back they told me the car failed due to the engine missing. They tried changing the plugs but this didn't help and are now "looking" for the cause of the problem.

The symptoms are like this. At low revs the it seems to miss but as the revs climb (2500+) the car performs normally again. The feeling it almost like a slipping clutch when it is just starting to wear out. It can sometime be a bit jerky. The car idles fine and even revs without any problems as long as it out of gear. I'm sure my father had a more drastic problem with similar symptoms with an Citrion BX and it turned out to be carberator problems.

So, as I am not very technical (froma mechanical point of view)and I feel I am going to get hit with a large bill I was wondering if anyone here had any ideas of what the problem is.

Any idea's would be helpful.
Omega Engine - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Before getting into all sorts of expensive and highly technical possibilities I would suggest a set of HT leads.

Best of luck, Adam
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gulp - be prepared for a shock on V6 ecotec HTlead prices! are the place to go.

p.s. I seem to have written this response to three threads this morning!! Promise I'm not trying to hijack threads, its just the way it has gone today
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Is a misfiring engine an MOT failure?
I can't imagine why.
How can they define misfiring? No engine is actually working 100 percent perfectly.
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Hi Cambridge,

Any misfire, even a partial or intermittent one, will cause unburn fuel to be passed into the exhaust, and will quite easilly take emissions levels (specifically Hydrocarbons) above MOT test linits. To boot, if it has been happening for long it may permanantly damage the Catalytic Converter if applicable, so that even once the misfire is cured you may still fail test.

Regards, Adam
Omega Engine - Cambridge
Good point.
I hadn't thought of the emissions..
Omega Engine - cal
yes, it was the emissions that failed the MOT.

I think I may have caught it before any damage to the CAT was done.
Omega Engine - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
So, is problem cured ?


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