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Any - Tough used petrol Estate options? - bazza

2.5 years ago I bought a 58 reg Octavia Estate 1.9 tdi with the intention of running to maybe 130 to 140K. Overall it's great, does the job perfectly, it's got FSH, oil change every 6K a year with me and I look after it. But I'm starting to have a few doubts at 70K which are niggling me. A persistent transmission whine at 50mph is noticeable, quite a few rattles and squeaks, a bit of clutch judder when cold, plus reading of this BXE being a bit weak in the con rod/big end bearing department, turbos packing in, DMFs at a grand a go. All this is making me think whether to bale out into something else, used at a few years old. Maybe I'm over worrying, not sure. I'm thinking petrol Avensis, Accord, might be a safer bet to run to high miles if i can find a good used one. Don't want diesel again-- this tdi will be my last diesel. Any suggestions? Mileage about 10K a year. Budget--well, anything from a grand to say £6K or so. I could actually afford to go and buy nearly new or take out a PCP but the tightwad in me won't allow that sort of extravagance on a car! Cheers.

Any - Tough used petrol Estate options? - craig-pd130

My 10p worth - I think you might be over-worrying, coupled with the usual getting a bit being bored with the car through over-familiarity.

The thing is, you know that car well by now. If you get a different car - ANY different car - you're on unknown ground. The clutch on the new car could go, or something else expensive could fail.

You're fastidious with maintenance which bodes well for engine / turbo longevity. For what it's worth, just my opinion, your mileage may vary etc: I'd say better the devil you know.

Any - Tough used petrol Estate options? - gordonbennet

I'm with craig-pd, keep your car well serviced and it should last a long time yet, i would change the gearbox oil soonest though.

Course if you want another car then by all means change, if Octavia does the trick for you, you could do far worse than find a petrol version.

This is another time when a Hyundai Sonata or Kia Magentis estate would have been a decent bet if they were available, but you could look at Mazda 6 or maybe get an 09 on Avensis if you can suffer the electric parking brake.

Any - Tough used petrol Estate options? - bazza

Hmmm... thank you gents,I think you are right on all counts. been reading too much on the internet about this con rod failure and it's spooked me! It must be a very small percentage failure rate in reality, magnified by the web.

An Avensis would be top choice but no --- i could not live with the electronic parking brake. I like to keep it simple. Pity, as otherwise it's a fine car. I may have a little look at Mazda 6-- nice looking car.

I'll try changing the gearbox oil so long as it's not too awkward. The good news is it hasn't got any worse in the last year or so.

If I could bring myself to spend more, the Civic Tourer or Auris Tourer looks nice - manual handbrake too - at leasst it is in the Auris!


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