Sticking Windows - Chris Wardle
I have a 1996 Toyota Carina E which has had since about 3 years old a problem which the dealer seems unable or unwilling to solve Both front electric windows often stick fast closed, particularly in hot weather. The problem appears to be with the material of the rubber window seal, but I've tried various lubricants which have very short term and limited success.

It is most annoying when stopping at tolls or drive up petrol station kiosks. also potentially an extra danger of electric windows in a crash situation. Also because the Driver's window has a 'Wind fully down' mode it leaves the motor straining if one doesn't reverse the switch immediately.


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Re: Sticking Windows - Brian
See Granada Sunroof thread by Mike on 12th May for a list of suggestions for lubricants.
It's always worth using the "search" facility to see if the subject has already been covered, in this case I remembered the subject coming up and used search to home in.
Re: Sticking Windows - Robin Hall
I don't know if its one of the products you have tried but I have successfully used Holts Rubber & Nylon lubricant on sticking windows in the past. I had a Vitara with similar problems and a squirt with this every 6 months cured the problem.

Good Luck

Re: Sticking Windows - Marc
"One shot" wind down windows (as on my company Focus) are a pain. They can also frighten the wits out of you when trying to crack the window slightly (eg for fag ash) at motorway speeds and the whole contents of the car nearly get sucked out
Re: Sticking Windows - Mark (Brazil)
"one shot" wind up are worse. Once spent a very painful 5 minutes in Camberley trying to persuade someone to come out of a shop and wind down the window to release my fingers.

btw - "wind" is obviously not the verb, its electric. What is the verb ? "power" down the windows ?
Re: Sticking Windows - steve paterson
The lube aspect of this problem has been well covered, but as a matter of interest, a Ford auto electrician once told me that the best lubricant for sticky window seals is 'Back to black'. After months of problems with my windows, (high friction on one side caused the window to tip and jam), one application of Back to black sorted it.

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