Any - new cars without start-stop systems. - bradders_2

I am looking to buy a new car (supermini class) and I don`t want one with a start-stop system.

Is it possible to buy new cars without this function?

Any - new cars without start-stop systems. - jc2


Any - new cars without start-stop systems. - RT

And many with the stop-start can disable it via a screen menu option.

Any - new cars without start-stop systems. - bradders_2


Which ones?

The cars I`m interested in seem to have start-stop,

Honda Jazz (the new 2015 model, or the prevoius model)

Volkswagen Polo

Ford Fiesta

and possibly the Nissan Note.

On all these models is there an easily accessible on-off switch to deactivate the system?

Although I would prefer a car without start-stop, why pay for technology I would never use?

Any - new cars without start-stop systems. - skidpan

We have had 3 cars now with stop/start, a BMW, Seat and Nissan, all have had a button on the dash to switch it off but you would have to do this each time you start. It is not possible for manufacturers to fit a button that would permanantly disable the feature and retain the lower CO2 figures.

But I cannot understand why you would not want this feature. Whilst it save very little fuel in the real world its is totally unobtrusive and you soon get used to it.

Its best feature is the amount of VED is save you every year. On the BMW the pre stop/start model was over 140 CO2's wheras the stop/start model was 119 CO2's. The Seat non stop/start was over 150 CO2's, the stop/start one is 119 CO2's. Difficult to make a direct comparison with the Nissan, as well as stop/start it has a totally new engine.

In the office back in the late 2000's we had 2 identical Volvo V50 1.6 diesels, identical in every way except that one came with stop/start and one without. From memory the stop/start one was £150 more and over the 4 years they were on fleet the mpg figures for both were virtually identical, hardly surprising when they spend most of their lives on the motorway. But the car with stop start cost about £100 a year less in VED and that would soon pay for the difference in purchase cost, over 5 years of ownership you would save £350.

So whats not to like about it.

Any - new cars without start-stop systems. - jc2

On some,certainly on the Fiesta,it depends which engine/transmission/trim level you select-try asking a dealer.

Any - new cars without start-stop systems. - concrete

Good point skidpan. My daughters Fiesta Ecoboost has stop/start. When she drives me around I hardly notice it. Very quiet and refined and no VED.

It can be disabled though. I went through the hand book and it did offer a method. Not my car though so I shall not interfere.

Cheers Concrete

Any - new cars without start-stop systems. - bradders_2

I know that cars with stop/start have an upgraded battery and starter motor but I`m worried about the long term effect of the constant stopping and starting on the engine. I tend to keep my cars for a long time, my current car being a 2007 Nissan Note.(bought new)

Any new car I bought would be mainly used in an urban area and rarely on the motorway so the stop/start function would be frequently in use.

I`m not bothered about saving money on the VED.

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Any - new cars without start-stop systems. - RT

Just buy one where you can turn off the Stop-Start

Any - new cars without start-stop systems. - Auristocrat

The current generation Toyota Yaris (3rd generation, introduced 2011) doesn't have stop/start.

Any - new cars without start-stop systems. - colinh

Whereas this is, of course, one of the main features of the Yaris hybrid, together with 8+ million other Toyota hybrids. The engine is stop/starting constantly at all speeds, and you're not aware of it.


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