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Mazda 6 - 10plate,2L petrol Mazda 6 struggles to start warm - bzsolti

Good afternoon.

I bought a 10 plate 2l petrol mazda 6 with 57K miles and when i try starting it after driving it for a while(with warm engine) it can take 6-7 second for the engin to start.every time.first thing in the morning and whenever the engine is cold its starts straight away(1-2 seconds).It never struggles to start when the engine is cold.

i took it back to mazda twice now as it came with a year warranty but they say they cant find anything even when they put it on the computer there is no fault code.

Any ideas what causing this? its really frustrating and i am worried one day it wont start at all and it will cost a fortune to fix it.

Kind regards


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