vauxhall insignia - flywheel noise - markh8395

my car suddenly developed a clunking/knocking noise on my way home from work. it only makes the noise when the car is idle, i took it to a garage that i use and was told that there was a problem with the duel mass flywheel.

he did not check to see if it was the flywheel, he said he could tell it was by the niose it was making.

since that visit to the garage two days ago, the noise as stopped, i've drove it 4 or five times since the visit to the garage and not heard a noise.

i'am very confused, could you help.

vauxhall insignia - flywheel noise - Peter.N.

Dual mass flywheels do fail in that manner but if its stopped I wouldn't worry about it.

I assume its diesel, how many miles has it done? I have a Peugeot 406 at 235,000 still with the original, but they don't all last that long.

vauxhall insignia - flywheel noise - markh8395

its a 2.0 diesel, the milage is 42,250, the car is 4 years old, i drove the car again yesterday with no noise, but i have noticed that the clutch pedal vibrates a bit when i press it in about an inch, i dont know if thats normal or not.

i have no trouble when changing up and down through the gears, and there seems to be no lack of power, like i said the garage i took it too didn't do any checks, and that he could tell by the noise it was making.

it just seems strange that the noise as stopped, i'am no machanic, but i would of thought that if it was the flywheel, the noise would be there all the time, i also know that a replcement is very expensive. thanks for your reply peter.


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