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I’ve just come back from test driving one of the new Mazda 6 diesels. Obviously a very good engine inside a promising car. Only problem is that road noise is so obtrusive I would go so far as to suggest that my cavalier 1.7 TD diesel is quieter on some motorway surfaces – shame since this could well be the thing which stops me buying the Mazda.

However, given the fact that Ford historically has had problems producing a quality diesel, why don’t they stick these Mazda offerings in the Mondeo instead of this much maligned TDCI? Vauxhall did this in the 90s when they started using Isuzu engines rather than their own offerings. Obviously GM had some stake in Isuzu so it made sense. Now Ford has a pretty hefty stake in Mazda so why don’t they do the same?

Incidentally, I’ve spent a long time researching my next car – big family diesel estate with pots of room, don’t care for image or gimmicks - can never seem to find the perfect option. Mazda – great but road surface noise a considerable problem. Primera – poor load space. Anything French won’t be countenanced by SWMBO. VW overpriced and not without problems. Mondeo would suit if only they could find a decent reliable diesel. My “perfect” solution so far is a Mondeo with a Mazda diesel! Any other suggestions?

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Try a Volvo V70 D5 loads of power starts first time every time, very quiet etc, etc.

Ford diesels - a solution? - Dave_TD
big family diesel estate with pots of room, don't care for
image or gimmicks -

Try a Skoda Octavia, there's more loadspace than in a Primera estate. And the engine's really not as noisy as has been pointed out on here by some VW/Audi drivers.
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I can understand you looking towards Japanese models for their reliability, - if I were you I would hang on a couple of months and try the new Toyota Avensis, - their 2L D-4D diesel variant is being released in May.

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