Merry Christmas everyone! - Happy Blue!

I know I'm the wrong religion but being in Israel at the moment, birthplace of Jesus etc etc.....

May I wish all of you who celebrate the birth of your prophet a Merry and meaningful Christmas. To everyone else, enjoy the festive and holiday season. I hope that 2015 is a good year for us all.

The HJ Backroom forum is a model of decorum and restrain compared to other fora I frequent. We have over the last year drifted occasionally towards intemperate or impatient language (I know I have), so I will make an effort to restrain myself and hope everyone agrees with that sentiment.

Thoughts of the rental Mitsubishi Outlander i am driving on the Holy Land to follow in due course.

Happy Blue (2nd in the table!)

Merry Christmas everyone! - Avant

And a very happy (preferably merry) Christmas to everyone from me and all the HJ team.

Sentiments much appreciated, Happy Blue. Personally I'm a Christian (well, a church organist so probably beyond redemption) but at this time I like to think that there are no 'wrong' religions. So let's all have a good time, whether we're celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ or just having a holiday.

HB, I don't think you've ever posted anything that I would call offensive. There are times when the most helpful way to advise an original poster is to tell it the way it is, even if it's not what (s)he wants to hear. But it's some time since anyone called someone else a 'm****' so things are getting better. One poster recently described me as a 'mild-mannered moderator' and it's down to you all that I've been able to be so.

HJ is always highly supportive of us, and I hope he feels as I do that the Backroom does a good job in its dual role as both discussion forum and a place where people can come and get advice on matters motoring.

Finally once again thank you so much to those who take the trouble to post advice on here and give the benefit of their experience freely to others. That most certainly is the spirit of Christmas.

(Edit - I added the asterisked word to the swear filter earlier this year, but you can probably guess it - it rhymes with 'pour on'.)

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Merry Christmas everyone! - daveyK_UK

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! - oldroverboy.

Merry Christmas to all.


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