Kia Venga 2 Nov2010 model - Power Assisted Steering failure - Colombo

I have experienced two PAS failures while driving, the first in 2013 with a recurrance again today at a T junction when att6empting to join a main road. The steering became extremely heavy without warning and the car drifted uncontrollaby into the oncoming lane.

The car has been maintained by the franchised dealer and a software failure was identified as the cause. I have lost confidence in this vehicle am extermely concerned of further failures in the future.

Has anyone experienced similar failures in the PAS system of this model and if so and what was the outcome?

Kia Venga 2 Nov2010 model - Power Assisted Steering failure - skidpan

Having a Ceed I regularly visit the Kia forums but have never seen a post about a power steering failure on a Venga or any Kia for that matter.

Looks like simple bad luck.

Service or not the system is maintenance free.

Its still under warranty if as you suggest its been dealer serviced so just get them to fix it.

If you are personally not happy your only option is to sell the car.

Kia Venga 2 Nov2010 model - Power Assisted Steering failure - RobJP

I'm usually inclined to believe that these sort of repeated failures, especially when virtually unique, are more likely down to the driver, rather than the manufacturer. With nothing else showing up (from skidpan) on kia forums, then that would seem to be the case here.

If you have it on full lock (as in when waiting to pull out from a junction, turning left or right), and then place a tiny little bit of extra pressure on the steering wheel, then you can very rapidly burn out pumps (on old PAS) or electric motors (on newer PAS).

Kia Venga 2 Nov2010 model - Power Assisted Steering failure - Colombo

I have owned cars with PAS for the last 50 years and never had a failure of burnt out pumps or electric motors, so it is unlikely to be my style of driving. If what you claim is a likely cause then this particular car's steering components are likely to be more 'delicate' than normal.

However I received a report from the workshop today, based on diagonostic evidence, informing me that the failure is likely to be a repeat of the initial 'software' malfunction that happened a year ago. They now suspect a particuler set of circumstances causes a temporary failure, as the system returns to normal operation automatically after a period. No mechanical damage to the motor or other parts was evident. The technicians are attempting to simulate a recurrence of the circumstances by a lengthy test drive to force the malfunction to detect what needs attention. I have my doubts if they are able to detect anything in a single test drive as over 12 months of varied driving has elapsed between the two failures. If they are unable to pin point the faulty electronics the entire PAS mangement system and/or other associated systems may have to be replaced.

Another mystery of electronics.

Kia Venga 2 Nov2010 model - Power Assisted Steering failure - oldroverboy.

A friend had a similiar problem on his korean built Aveo (elec power steering), replaced under warranty, and I told him not to hold hard on full lock,

Suggest reading the Astra forums about issues, nut the Astra system was not man enough for the job.

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