VW Polo pdi engine management problem - bertj
Could any VW diesel specialists shed some light on the following please? The car is just out of its 3 year warranty (of course!)
My VW Polo 1.4 pdi diesel flashed the glow plug warning light for about 3 minutes while driving along. It was unsafe to stop immediately as I was on a fast dual carriageway so I stopped ASAP, switched the engine off then back on - no warning lights since. According to the instruction book this indicates an engine management problem even though everything seems to be fine. Obviously I have to take it to a VW dealer to check out. I phoned the dealer who said to check the brake lights! If they were still working then the problem isn't urgent. If the brake lights are not working then to bring the car in immediately. The brake lights are working so this means they can't look at the car until next week. I'd appreciate some info so I know what's going on.
VW Polo pdi engine management problem - Pete F
I am not expert on Polo but the reason for the question is probably to do with the safety strategy for electronic throttle system. This may be at risk if the brake light switch is not working. There are probably 2 brake light switches with one being back up. Running on one is dodgy and this may have triggered the warning light. If neither works then it would be very dodgy.
In a nutshell it is all about safety and the risks of 'unintended acceleration'.
VW Polo pdi engine management problem - bertj
Pete F
Thanks very much for that - it makes a lot of sense. The car has now gone to a VW dealer as the brake lights eventually did stop working! It looks almost certain that it's a failed switch, or switches.
regards from Bertj

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