HPI FINANCE - Ken Parker
I am in the process of buying a VW Passat from the Great Trade Centre in London, however it has outstanding finance on it.

The GTC state on their invoice that all cars are sold without finance, can I trust them, or am I opening up a load of hassle for myself in the future.

Re: HPI FINANCE - John Slaughter
Avoid it - it's too risky! See a previous thread on this subject.


Re: HPI FINANCE - honest john
No, John. You can trust the GTC. It's a 3,500 - 5,000 car supersite (biggest in Europe) with a huge throughput. Can't afford to be responsible for selling on a car with outstanding finance. GTC probably bought the car as a snatchback from the finance house and the finance house has not yet bothered to clear the debt from the HPI register.

Re: HPI FINANCE - John Slaughter
HJ, Ok fair enough - I was just surprised that it was sitting there with finance apparently on it.

And, I'm sure you wouldn't want to give the impression that any, even dealer purchase, is OK when the HPI shows finance outstanding?



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