Mazda Eunos (MX5) Mk1 - Bump in the works carpark. - tinstar101

Hi everyone, I'm after a bit of help/advice.

I've been driving for nearly 20 years, never had a accident, not even a ding, until 2 weeks ago.

I drive a H reg Mazda MX5/Eunos, MK1. Had it for about 18 months, slowly doing it up. recently put in a new gearbox, new clutch, new springs all round, and just added a new(ish) vinyl roof - basically its a project car that is used on a regular basis.

2 weeks ago it was parked in the works car park. Some idiot pulled out of the space next to me, and scrapped down the front wing of the car. They did leave their details and its been reported to my and theirs insurrance companies.

The damage that they done is all cosmetic. Large dent in the front wing, drivers side, along with damage to 2 other panels around the same area.

My insurance company was being a***y, it basically sounded like they were going to write it off straight away, so i've contacted the 3rd party's insurance company.

Today my local garage came back with a estimate on the repair, a staggering £1500. The parts themselves only come to £170 of that. Replacing the panels I can do myself (with the help of my brother, a mechanic).

I have a feeling that the 3rd parties insurrance company are going to come back and write the car off, with a value way below the true value of it.

If they do this, I fully intend on rejecting their offer of writting it off, but I don't know where I will stand on this. Can I force the 3rd parties insurrance company to fix the damage, no matter the cost? If not, is it worth getting "legal" on the ass of the 3rd party (small claims court, etc...).

Feeling really ripped off and angry at the insurrance companies at the moment, their coming across as a bunch of crooks. As for the 3rd party herself, well I've not seen her at work yet, but when I do I'm likely to blow my top at her (I got the security camera footage of the accident as well - she actually turned the wrong way down the one way system of the car park into my car!).

Any help/advice on this matter would be greatfuly accepted.

Cheers folks

Mazda Eunos (MX5) Mk1 - Bump in the works carpark. - bathtub tom

I've succesfully submitted a couple of claims to other insurance companies that included quotes from repairers and my own, much lower, 'repair at my own cost/ loss of value, at my discretion' quotes.

Guess which they accepted?

Mazda Eunos (MX5) Mk1 - Bump in the works carpark. - TedCrilly

If they have accepted full liability write to the 3Ps company saying....Give me a grand and we will call it quits. They might bite they might not. Be prepared to sign various disclaimers and reciepts though.

Mazda Eunos (MX5) Mk1 - Bump in the works carpark. - Skezza

Write to them, say you'll happily perform the maintenance work so long as they pay you the cost of the car value. That's the equivalent of a write off, but it doesn't involve the costly transportation, storage and what not else of the vehicle.

Good mate of mine did that, and they gave him £1000 and allowed him to keep the vehicle. Win win really. Yes he did have to sign a contract.

Mazda Eunos (MX5) Mk1 - Bump in the works carpark. - Andrew-T

Is that £1500 estimate an 'insurance job' or a true cash-in-hand quotation?

Mazda Eunos (MX5) Mk1 - Bump in the works carpark. - slkfanboy

Basically if the car is totally drivable and the other party accepts responsibility then why are using using your insurance company?

For sure £500 per panel is about right for a insurance job. One option is accept a deal and buy back the rigth-off that covers the costs of private repair. Upto you if your inclined to repair it then.


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