Omega - Noisy Sunroof - Robert Harvey

I've just given back my company R reg Omega, and bought an R reg one. (forthcoming taxation changes)

The sunroof on my own car makes a lot more noise than the car i've given back. The roof operates fine, it just seems to generate a lot more noise. Somebody suggested the felt seal might have gone, but i've been advised by two dealers that its integral with the glass @ at £150 + 2 hours labour all + vat its a bit of an expensive thing to change in case it dosn't cure the problem.

Both cars are saloons, and yes, closing the interior blind makes it a bit better - but its still too noisy.

Does anyone have any ideas or can recommend a sunroof expert in the Herts/Beds/Bucks/N London area?

In anticipation.

Re: Omega - Noisy Sunroof - David Woollard

If the closed position is even a little out of line with the roof this can make a huge difference. So can the position/angle of an adj aerial.

Omega - Noisy Sunroof - David Lacey
When I was 'On the Spanners' I can recall spending much time adjusting sunroof panels to stop wind noise. We still come across it today, to a lesser extent.

Lubrication of sunroof seals seems to help - this is indeed part of the Rover service schedule - we use a special silicone grease made by Dow Corning (the people who make silicone breast implants!!) This can, in fact, rejuvenate worn & tired seals.

We still have to replace sunroof panels (£200+ a time) to cure some wind noise problems - you may have to go down this route if the noise cannot be cured by simple adjustments

For a replacement glass panel, firstly try the dealer - you might be suprised or failing that either (i)breakers yard or (ii)Windscreen specialist (Autoglass etc..)

Re: Omega - Noisy Sunroof - Michael Thomas
I'd also agree on lubing the seals. My 620 sunroof (never used during winter and the seals are seven years old) was very noisy on opening and the tilt didn't work without a helping hand to lift it up. A quick trip to the local Rover Service Dept and they just splodged the stuff on and it did the trick.

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