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Hi Posters;

The car in the subject seems to perform the DPF regeneration process very frequently, i.e. at every 35 to 70 miles. The car has covered approx 50k miles with 80% at motorway speed.

Because of the very frequent regeneration of the DPF, the fuel economy has been severly affected. The car used to regenerate every 300 miles or so and gives around 65mpg, now drops to 55 to 60mpg.

The problem has been reported to the garage and the technican didn't find anything wrong with it as there was no fault code being logged in the ECU. My dilema is that Toyota Technical Service ageed that the the DPF need changing, but they said the fault need to be identified by the garage, but the garage doesn't seem to find any fault code being stored in the ECU. Note that the car is still under manufacturer warantee.

To be honest, I got a feeling that the filter has reached it's life.

Has anyone managed to get the dealer to diagnose and fix the problem? Or any other suggestion for sorting this problem out is appreciated.

Also does anyone know how the DPF regeneration logic work for the Toyota? I.e. will it go into limbo mode if the regeneration process is interrupted repeatedly (by switching off the enigne when regeneration starts)? I.e I am trying to exacurbate the problem.



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A Yaris in "limbo mode"? I'd pay good money to see that.
On a serious note, I think the problem is due to the gradual deterioration of the DPF, regeneration does not clear all the particulates and a resultant deterioration in fuel economy is inevitable, I am experiencing similar with my C3 Picasso as it passes 80k kms.
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As far as I know, VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat diesels with DPFs (and probably other manufacturers' diesels too) can have a 'forced' regeneration cycle initiated at the dealer, by plugging the car into the diagnostic computer. This is usually done when the DPF becomes too full to be regenerated by normal driving.

Might be worth asking your dealer if they could do that for you?

I would think this problem is caused by a sensor on the DPF starting to fail.

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Get a good indipendent specialist to look at it before you go down the new DPF route. It could just be a faulty sensor, or as mentioned previously a forced regen may be required. Also try posting on the toyota owners club forum.


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I think your problem lies with Toyota Technical who are based in France. Frankly I had such trouble with Toyota Technical over a bad gear shift on a Yaris, that I had to have big go at Toyota UK to get anything done. Had I known before purchase that this sort of decision was based in France, and drawing on my previous experience of working on plant in France, I would not have bought a Toyota.

The issue is that Technical have to authorise the repair and demand a full cost estimate for the job. If the fix does not work Toyota will not pay the dealer for the work done. They also demand all the parts back for inspection before paying the dealer. You are I am afraid piggie in the middle. Stand firm and grizzle at Toyota UK in writing.

Toyota Yaris - Toyota Yaris Diesel Mk2 2010 - DPF Regeneration - dogdays


I believe the OBD fault code is P2002.

It sounds like either the sensor or the DPF on the way out. I suppose you have enough regen fluid in the holding tank?


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