Wrong Car, Right Car? - Martin Wall
what were they thinking of recommending a used Land Rover Discovery to somebody looking for a family car, are they mad! I hope the warranty they managed to haggle is *very* comprehensive....
Wrong Car, Right Car? - steveb
I cannot but agree - it'll only be a couple of months before the gearbox falls out ...
Wrong Car, Right Car? - M.M
High maintenance yes...but they don't have to be unreliable*.

*Assuming you define unreliability as faults that need attending to outside of routine servicing and preventative maintenance.

Gearbox problem is well understood now.

Wrong Car, Right Car? - Ben79
Which would be more unreliable, an S reg Disco with 29k or a new C5?

Wrong Car, Right Car? - Dave_TD
The Discovery, every time.
Wrong Car, Right Car? - M.M
That thought amused me greatly as I watched. It goes to show sometimes you just have to take a small risk on maintenance issues to get the best vehicle.

Wrong Car, Right Car? - mal
The way the salesman allowed her to lead the negotiations and give in to her demands makes me wonder whether she did get such a "cracking deal".
Wrong Car, Right Car? - MokkaMan
I could not really get any consistent theme from Jason's suggestions last night ; Jazz (Supermini), Leon (hatch) and C5 (family car). It was a family of four and the guy was a landscape gardener. I am surprised given the comments they made about the Voyager earlier in ths show that they did not look at some smaller MPV's - Citroen Xsara Picasso / Renault Scenic, etc. To be fair though, I think the budget overall was pretty tight for a new car for what they wanted.

Agree with the comments on the Disco. I would personally not go near one.
Wrong Car, Right Car? - kex
Missed last nights show, What did the buyer go for in the end and what did they say about the Jazz, as I will (although still keeping my options open) buy one as a practical run around ?
Wrong Car, Right Car? - moosh
They went for the Disco and the C5.
Lets hope that both vehicles are not back at their respective dealships for warranty work at the same time.
Like to have an update in a years time?
Wrong Car, Right Car? - mal
They said the Jazz was a bit "bumpy".
I know I bought one!.
Look out out for revised suspension planned for later on in the year.
Wrong Car, Right Car? - Shigg
The power of image!

I love nice looking things but the heartache it can bring when some else decides they like it enough to steal it just isn't worth it IMHO. I'm not really sure how they came by their short list and I'm disappointed that no apparent thought was given to the long term costs such as servicing. But that aside I still enjoyed it. Following this I turned over to Discovery channel to find used car heaven about to start!

Wrong Car, Right Car? - Rebecca {P}
As someone who is about to buy a new car (Picasso) I was intrigued to see the haggling on finance. I didn't catch all of the programme, but when they referred to finance at a 'flat rate' of 4% did they mean APR? Would it have been straightforward finance or one of the schemes with a balloon payment or trade up for a new car at the end of the period?

Does anyone know if they gave any details during the programme?
Wrong Car, Right Car? - JamesH
Working in financial services, I've had the fun of sitting exams including APR calculations. I've posted this in the BR before but it won't harm to mention it again.

The flat rate is a crude measure of the interest payable on a loan. It looks low and is easy to calculate monthly repayments with so is often used in the motor trade.

The APR is a much better comparison for loans. It has a similar meaning to the interest rate of a bank account. A conventional personal loan will often have an APR of just under double the flat rate.

One of the best unsecured personal loan rates now is 6.9% APR (for £10k over two years) by Lombard Direct online. The flat rate is 3.56%. The Autotrader website has a link to the lowest rate finance deals.

The loans on WCRC could have been HP or unsecured personal loans - they didn't go into detail.

Why do they always do a trade-in and get finance from the dealer on WCRC? There is less hassle but you can often get a better deal by selling privately and geting your own loan.

Bring back Deals on Wheels. I find private selling better to watch than trading-in.


PS These formulas will calculate flat rates. If you don't like the maths, look away now:

Flat Rate =
Total Interest Payable /(Loan Amount * Length of loan in years)


Flat Rate =
(Monthly repayment * Number of Repayments - Loan Amount)/
(Loan Amount * Length of loan in years)
Wrong Car, Right Car? - Rebecca {P}
That's very helpful. JamesH, thanks very much.
Wrong Car, Right Car? - davo

It might be worth considering one other factor when looking for a loan. That is the early settlement figure, it can vary from one company to another and it does not affect the APR but it can dnet your finances. Lombard, like many others, have a penalty of two months interest which if you are going to change your car early than planned can be quite a lot of dosh. e.g £10 over 3 years, aprox £310 per month payment, total interest £1,200 aprox. Early setlement of £620 is huge penalty, especially if you settle after 2 years.

Not sure of all the deals on the market but Nationwide are doing 7.?% APR with no penalty.
Wrong Car, Right Car? - DavidHM
2 months' INTEREST or 2 months' PAYMENTS? They're different things.

Two months' interest is only £32 in your example above.

uk.biz.yahoo.com/loan/ has a loan calculator that doesn't work for me but should for others.
Wrong Car, Right Car? - davo
Yes, you are correct, total Friday brain overload!
Wrong Car, Right Car? - danwave@lycos.co.uk
Wrong car, wrong car should be what the programmes called. Landrovers are rubbish, only some owners are lucky.

How can these car guru's know nothing.
Wrong Car, Right Car? - Glutton
I've always thought that a Bangernomics type show would make good watching. A different category each week - one week find a classic banger, the next a supermini, then a luxobarge and so on.

Probably one for Discovery channel or Bravo.
Wrong Car, Right Car? - John S
Anyone watch this week's show?

One of the s/h options was a Merc C200, manual, solid red, sporting a set of aftermarket 'blacked-out' rear lights. The buyer didn't like the noise or lack of performance, but I'd have run a mile before I even got to drive it!


John S


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