Will the remaining warranty on my Ford Ka be honoured despite a lack of service history?

I recently bought a Ford Ka, registered in March 2008, from a well known Ford dealership. I was told during the sale that there was the remainder of the Ford extended warranty still remaining on the vehicle (approx. seven months). The dealer is unable to provide me with any service history as the car was owned and serviced by a large nationwide rental company. I am very concerned that without any proof of service history the manufacturer's warranty will not be honoured.

The dealer is being very unhelpful about helping me to resolve this issue. During the sales negotiations I asked about the service history and was told "we have serviced the car". This I interpreted as meaning since new, but this was clearly not the case as they will only provide me evidence of one service when the car came into stock. Any ideas where I stand regarding the manufacturer's warranty?

Asked on 24 August 2010 by Hartl

Answered by Honest John
It isn't manufacturer warranty for the last year with Ford; it's dealer warranty. But this is the responsibility of the dealer who sold you the car. If it doesn't have the remainder of the warranty it is "not of satisfactory quality" and you can demand your money back. I think he'd rather fix the warranty than do that.
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