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Citroen ZX fan/blower. - StevenM
As well as my heated rear window not working (on another post)the fan/blower also seems to have stopped working on my 1993 Citroen ZX Aura.
How do I tell if it is the switch, blower motor etc as I do not wish to visit the garage if it can be easily resolved.Any help appreciated.
Citroen ZX fan/blower. - Andrew Hamilton
Check all your fuses are working. If OK then easiest would be to try removing fan fuse. Put meter across and see if amps current flows. If nothing either switch failed or brushes on motor worn out. I would check switch next with connectors removed. I hope it is not the fan motor as usually awkward to get at in some vehicles. My fan failed but just put up with it and put hot water bottle near windscreen to ensure screen stays warm when vehicle stopped.
Citroen ZX fan/blower. - M.M

After checking fuses then look to the resistor pack fitted within the fan ducting. I've done several of these lately.

Only about £15 and easily fitted.

Open the bonnet, remove the wiper and lift the plastic trim at the base of the screen. Undo the small hatch into the top of the blower housing and you can see the resistor. Twist it out and the plug is on the back.

Citroen ZX fan/blower. - StevenM
But is there any way of telling if it is the resistor pack before I do this.
Citroen ZX fan/blower. - bazza
Did this a couple of years ago on my much missed ZX. If you have a meter, check the continuity across each resistor winding. The faulty one should be self evident. I fixed mine by soldering some 30A fuse wire in parallel if I remember - It worked anyway, whatever it was! Probably best to get a new one, mine packed in over Xmas and I couldn't get a new one. It's an easy job, good luck!

Citroen ZX fan/blower. - M.M
Well the resistor is so cheap and easy to do hardly any need to worry if it is that or not...just go for it.

If you have a Haynes and a voltmeter you can work out which of the wires to the resistor plug is live/earth/etc then bridge them to get max speed...ie to prove the motor is OK.


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