more roadworks - HF
Couldn't find the correct thread to post this on, sorry.

Have just been driving down the main road, where I notice they've started digging up all the pavements, as has become the custom in many areas.

I saw many (barely visible) pedestrians forced to walk down the cycle lanes, as there was simply no other way past. Now, seeing how so many cars seem to drive on cycle lanes, and coupled with the fact that cyclists will also be forced off the pavements and onto the cycle lanes, this seems to me an accident waiting to happen.
more roadworks - Rob C
That wouldn't be a Cable company would it? they're notorious for that sort of thing. I could list many incidents in my neighbourhood, but will just say that I once drove under a mechanical digger arm as it was digging a hole in the road.
No barriers, no signs and I would probably have been liable for driving under it.
more roadworks - HF
Ooooh don't get me started Rob!!!

It's not a cable company, it's the local council carrying out 'necessary improvements'. And just this morning I received a letter about council tax, informing me about how it is rising ridiculously. Obviously to pay for this, and of course the inner London plans.

My road completely cut off in one direction today due to the 'diggers' - and the sad thing is that the people operating them are just like you or I, smiley and sweet but they've been told what to do so they've gotta do it!
more roadworks - BrianW
I've posted on this before but to reiterate, there seems to be a mania for pavement renewal at the moment, probably to pre-empt compensation claims from people tripping up on uneven paving.

This usuall involves coning off half the road for a couple of months.

Still learning (I hope)
more roadworks - Alfafan {P}
They're all trying to use up their budget before the end of March (end of Local Authorities' financial year).


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