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I drive a company car and my wife drives her own car which is insured in her name and has been for several years.

In the past few days I have taken a courtesy call from my wife's car insurance company asking to speak to her when she was out plus an unsolicited e-mail. When I took the first call, I asked what was the reason for the call to be told it was a courtesy call (call me cynical but there is no such thing as a courtesy call.)

They managed to speak to my wife today and after a few minutes, my wife handed the phone to me. The conversation went something like:

Ins company: We're discussing protection. Me: Check the policy, we have protected no claims bonus. Ins Company: I am talking about protected excess, in the event of an accident or claim, you don't have to pay the excess as it can be protected for £9 per year. The excess on the policy is £100 and the Insurance Company was puzzled why we refused their offer.

In my opinion, when protected no claims came in several years ago, it was initially seen as a gimmick but now most people seem to have it, could protected excess be the next way of squeezing more money out of the motorist?

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Is this premium an insurance against having to pay the compulsory excess - that would make it the same as a voluntary excess.

Or do they now have a policy of increasing compulsory excess after a claim if you have protected NCD?

The nCD protection is weak anyway because it's only the NCD % that's protected, not the base premium!

Latest insurance company trick - wrangler_rover

I don't know about that.

My wife's insurance is very cheap compared to what others are paying and she has a low excess.

I have since been thinking about this and could somebody agree to a huge voluntary excess in order to bring their annual premiums down, an extra £9 charge per year to protect an excess could be easily be saved by reduced premiums from a high voluntary excess.

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Effectively its just upselling to a policy with a lower excess.

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There is a recent trend in specifiying high excess when getting a quote say £1000 and then insuring in seperately. People claim great savings if there insurance is high becuase they are young or have a high-group car.

Maybe OP is a sign of the insurers also getting in on the act.

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They then obviously cannot claim off their own motor policy for their own damage if it's under the value of the excess.

If they can claim they need to stump the cost of their excess up and then claim it back, many of the people doing this would struggle to be able to find their amount of their excess.

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I have taken out excess protection ... also remember to get your car insurance policy re-quoted with the excess set to match the limit of the excess protection and see the impact on your car insurance premium

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Apparently, Woody Allen said "There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?"


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