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I am having problems with my Fiat 500 diesel, it has white smoke coming out of the back and the engien over revs, I have also had a few times now the air polution clogged come on.

I have got the car going in on Saturday to a Fiat garage but im concerned its going to cost me an arm and leg to get it fixed, could you tell me if any one knows what could be wrong with it as i dont want to get ripped off aswell

It dosnt do it all the time but I have to stop and restart it at least once on every journey

Thank you

Fiat 500 Diesel - Issues with Fiat 500 Diesel - unthrottled

I think you should check your engine oil level pronto. If that's fine, you might have a leaking oil seal in the turbo. If you catch it in time then the bill will be small. If you leave it and the engine runs away, you'll need a new engine. Don't be a hero and soldier on with it in its current state!


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