More 2nd Hand Vehicle after sales faults - Tom S-S
My brother bought in last year a Vauxhall Brava 4x4 pick up 1995 M from a 4x4 independent specialist, we have subsequently discovered that there are two severe cracks and corrosion in the rear chassis members running all the way from the rear to the cab, this is following problems with air getting into the fuel system, due to corroded fuel lines and fuel tank leaking.

Is there any comeback, the Vauxhall dealer says that it couldn't have legally passed its MOT with this corrosion. The Vauxhall dealer said contact trading standards etc.

All advise welcome
More 2nd Hand Vehicle after sales faults - Mark (RLBS)
I think the Vauxhall dealer has essentially given you the correct advice but there is one point to mention.

Have you spoken to the supplying dealer ? You need to give him the opportunity to put matters right. Whether that is a refund, repairs, compensation or whatever is a matter for you and he to sort out.

If you get no joy, explain that you are taking him to court and you will be involving Trading Standards.

If you still get no joy, then do both.

As an aside, where was it MOT'd ? By the suppling dealer ? If not, then by whom. Speak to the MOT Garage. See what you get.

Also suggest that you will contacting the MOT dept in the Government to point out that it could not have past its test.
More 2nd Hand Vehicle after sales faults - DavidHM
Agree with Mark, but... how long ago did he purchase this vehicle, and when did the faults come to light?
More 2nd Hand Vehicle after sales faults - M.M
Yep somewhere you will find a site that gives time limits on corrosion related MOT complaints.

Perhaps I ought to know but I don't...within less than 3 months rings a bell.

More 2nd Hand Vehicle after sales faults - Mike H
The KOT is only valid at the time the vehicle was presented for MOT, so they will probably say "it was OK when it was MOT'd mate". I had a similar problem years ago when I discovered the second hand mini I bought had large rust holes in the sills, I was only 17 & when I tackled them they assured me that they would not have possibly passed it in that state.......the naswer is that money talks.
More 2nd Hand Vehicle after sales faults - M.M
Just checked this out.

You have only 28 days to complain about an MOT that you believe passed a faulty item except for corrosion related isues where you can complain up to 3 months after the test date.

More 2nd Hand Vehicle after sales faults - M.M
Oh yes here is the link to an excellent site that tells all.

Even got the whole testers manual to read!

More 2nd Hand Vehicle after sales faults - Dwight Van Driver
As earlier mentioned a lot depends on how long ago.

Section 75 Road Traffic Act 1988 - no person shall supply (sell, offer to sell, expose for sale) a motor vehicle in an unroadworthy condition which includes such a condition that its use on the road would involved danger or injury to any person.

Would endorse the advice to pop along to trading Standards and see if they are prepared to take your case on board. Presumably a conviction would help your rgihts under Sale of Goods Act/ civil proceedings to recuperate your losses.



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