Ford Focus - boot release - gadgee

My car is a 2002 Focus 1.6 Zetec. Mileage 151000. Has anyone had any problems with the electronic boot release? When getting into the car and putting the key in the ignition the boot mechanism has been releasing for no reason. This happens whether it is the remote fob or the conventional key.

Ford Focus - boot release - MikeTorque

I've heard of quite a number of these same types of problems. The boot switch may have had water it in and may need replacing.

Ford Focus - boot release - gadgee

Thanks . I have taken the inside boot cover off and pulled the connector off the switch mechanism. The pins are black and dirty with corrosion. I have sprayed WD40 inside both still the fault is there. I have left the switch disconnected. With the age of the car will probably not bother with repair. Will use the key to open the boot manually. At least the boot stays shut now without opening as you drive off or on the journey. Only thing is that the red door open light now shines all the time on the dash. Is that an MOT failure does any one know?

Ford Focus - boot release - elekie&a/c doctor

Join the wires together at the microswitch to put out the door open light.Certainly not an mot failure.hth


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