Ford Fiesta - Fiesta Idling too high - ben1002

Ok, So I got the too common EAC fail, cleaned up all the connectors and it hasn't came back since.

I have since replaced the throttle pedal as it was showing movements on a live diagnostics when no one was touching it and the car was idling way too high.

I still have the idling problem, does anyone know what it could be??? I checked the error codes and I got this list

P0460: Fuel Level Sensor Circuit
P0171: System too Lean (Bank 1)
P0704: Clutch Switch In put Circuit Malfunction

I had previously cleared the ECU after cleaning the connectors and the only other one I had before this other than p2119 was p0704. The car is currently idling at about 1300 RPM but it is also unstable moving between 1200 and 1400RPM slowly

Anyone have any ideas? Im thinking the first thing to do will be to get a new clutch switch and clean the MAF sensor, does anyone think it could be a split in a vacuum pipe? Whats the easiest way to check???


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Ford Fiesta - Fiesta Idling too high - jc2

Engine and age??

Ford Fiesta - Fiesta Idling too high - ben1002

Ah, sorry... Its a 2003 1.4 Duratec with 95k on the clock

Ford Fiesta - Fiesta Idling too high - ben1002

Anyone? Also, I went to clean the MAF to find it doesn't have a MAF, it has a MAP which apparently can not be cleaned. Is that correct?

Also, I went to get the P/N off the clutch switch to order a replacement, and although I have a error in my ECU relating to the clutch switch, it doesn't seem to have one of them either.???



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