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Right to make it clear from the outset this doesn't concern a matter in connection to any motor vehicle! Hoping my post will still be accepted though.

Looking for some knowledgable advice regarding Consumer Rights.

I recently returned an item of electronic equipment which is now out of warranty to a company who are the sole authorised repairers for the product following the company agreeing to undertake said repair.

After an initial period where we exchanged emails about the progress of the repair the company concerned has not responded to any email I send them. Last contact I had was at the end of October 2017 I last emailed them 2 weeks ago now.

Main problem I have is that the company concerned is in Kirkcaldy, Scotland and I'm in Coventry, otherwise if more local I would be making a person visit to get my property and money back.

Previously I received some very good legal advise regarding a faukty car radio from a member here, ROBJP, who I pleased to hear from again over this new matter.

FIAT Bravo - Looking for advice regarding my consumer rights - RobJP

Firstly, try phoning them if you can. You'd be surprised how many emails end up in 'spam' folders.

If they're a small business, or it's based from home, then personal matters might be piling up in the runup to christmas. A relative might be ill, and the person might be the sole carer for them, or even away doing the same.

FIAT Bravo - Looking for advice regarding my consumer rights - derekh1953

Blimey Rob that was quick! Thanks for picking this up so quickly.

I would telephone if I could! Asked for a contact number early on but the guy declined stating he doesn't offer telephone support.

It is a small business you're right, When he agreed to do the repair, reflashing a tablet with fresh firmware, he asked for payment by Payapl (friends and family), £10 and further £5 for return P&P. leaving me a different email address. I know £15 and a faulty tablet isn't a huge deal but really feel I've taken advantage of. The tablet was a Christmas gift for our grandson in 2015!

I've tried his business email repeatedly and also the one he uses for Paypal. and haven't had any response since late October, just after I asked for the tablet to be returned. My wife has also emailed his business email a week ago with the same result.

There's a bit of a saga to this Rob that I haven't gone into here. I've already implied I'm considering taking action against him. I'm starting to think though the guy isn't going to reply let alone return the tablet.

Are you able to advise as to what rights I have here if any as not clear the CRA applies here or if it even covers Scotland.

I've done quite a bit of research about him and those associated with him so do have telephone numbers and even some addresses to try but haven't as yet.


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As a matter of interest why send a tablet away, usually you reflash firmware direct from manufacturers site and its free ?. even if its bricked

FIAT Bravo - Looking for advice regarding my consumer rights - derekh1953

This is were it starts to become complicated!

The make is Polatab, claims to be all British! Well have since discovered it's a cheapo chinese import and the makers kindly released these tablets preinfected with malware. It can't be removed, believe me I tried everything and so have many other's all over the world, google the brand and read the forums if you have a couple of days free.

Polatab are the importers/distributers and they have/had one sole repairer, based in Kirkcaldy, the guy I contacted who agreed to reflash the tablet. I can't reflash it myself as Polatab don't have a download link. I thought I'd ask their repair service if they could help and the guy agreed.

The last thing I heard from the repairer was that they couldn't reflash it and suggested sending it to the makers in china. I declined that and asked for the item to be returned. Haven't heard anything since then.

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FIAT Bravo - Looking for advice regarding my consumer rights - bolt

Could be a difficult one in that, from what I`ve read it may have been built with a lot of different parts that Android is struggling to recognise and compatability is a problem

so many report different problems doing the same thing, its possible whoever you sent it to has bricked it and it no longer works (several reported bricking through google) and unable to reflash, but reflash is bios update, which starts before Android kicks in which is where the malware is

I notice most problems stem from trying to install software, then you get the problems

TBH your better off getting a more expensive device from a reputable and well known company, usually they have local repair centres that wont mess you around

Do beware of these Chinese imports, they can be dangerous and/or not work as intended IMO

FIAT Bravo - Looking for advice regarding my consumer rights - derekh1953

The tablet worked fine so long as it wasn't connected to wifi, otherwise it would start displaying unwanted ads ect and connecting to certain websites without doing anything. The last time the guy emailed my he stated his tech couldn't reflash it and thought the flash chip was damaged/corrupted.

I had rooted the tablet to try and get rid of the malware embedded in the system but eventually went a little to severe and ended up with the asop keyboard not working. Well it would work if the tabket was reset until it was powered down next time then it would stop and Android complained like **** so much it was almost unusable.

We have already replaced the tabet, went for another chinese one though! The Lenovo ones are great and got it very cheap refurbished through Argos Outlet, actually paid less than for the Polatab over two years ago. Felt I'd let our grandson down so had to get a decent one for him.

Still want the tablet back and my cash, well the tenner! I'm not the sort to let someone do this on me or my family Bolt.

FIAT Bravo - Looking for advice regarding my consumer rights - scot22

Is it really worth the time and hassle ?


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