Nissan Micra se 2003 - Can I use a 2nd starter button with original one? - nig saud

Hi, my 2003 Micra SE runs fine most of the time, but every so often the immobilizer doesn't turn off and I'm unable to start the car.

I've read that this could be down to interference. But I have found that disconnecting and then reconnecting the battery seems to sort it out. Also If I leave it for a while and try again it will start OK (must pick up the key fob signal).

What I want to know is if I wire up a new momentary start switch, with it's own separate wiring, with one going to the battery (with an in line fuse) and the other one to the small wire on the starter. would this work OK or could it cause problems.

I would only use it in case of the immobilizer not picking the key fob signal up. I've read other people saying that when they have had the same problem, their car will start with a bump, so I'd think an extra switch would solve the problem and save me from having to set the radio code and the computer up each time.

My main concern is, if I left the original starter wire going to the small starter terminal, when I turn the new starter button on, could it damage the relay on the original wire or anything by sending power up the original wire.

Would my new starter button only work well If I disconnected the original starter wire?

Nissan Micra se 2003 - Can I use a 2nd starter button with original one? - elekie&a/c doctor

If it is an immobiliser problem(which i am not convinced it is) ,then fitting an additional start switch will not make any difference,The immobiliser inhibits the starter and the electronics to the engine control system.These are known for ignition switch failures ,which I feel is more likely to be the issue.

Nissan Micra se 2003 - Can I use a 2nd starter button with original one? - nig saud

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I think it could be the ignition, and possibly the imobilizer unit of the ignition is not picking up the signal from the remote control fob. I think this because I've read a lot of other people with this same problem. They say I could replace the ignition and immobilizer untit but the cost to reprogram it would come to quite a bit.

I saw a youtube video where they had a similar problem and after posting the video, in the comments he eventually fixed it by putting in a push button start button. He bypassed the relay/fuse box which on his vehicle he believed was playing up (and would have been to costly to replace and have it reprogramed).

My igniition works most of the time, it's just now and again that the start motor won't start. By disconnecting the battery this resets the nissan nats system and it will start OK again.

I want to wire up a completely seperate start button to the starter motor and be able to use the origanal ignition start also. Am just worried that leaving the original start wires in place may cause problems

here is a small diagram I drew up:

And here is what the youtube mechanic wrote:

we ended installing push button start button wired into ignition feed and bypassed the fancy fuse box by cutting and bridging the white wire (that comes from ignition switch crank position) to the red wire that goes to starter motor, hope that helps I think the root problem is ignition barrel but it's not cost effective to replace because Nissan have to programme it in.

Here is the video:

Nissan Micra se 2003 - Can I use a 2nd starter button with original one? - elekie&a/c doctor

As I suggested in my previous response,it is wear in the steering lock mechanism and ignition switch that causes a no crank condition.Nothing to do with the immobiliser system..Your by-pass circuit will work, but is over complicted. All you need to do is pick up an ignition supply and the crank signal wire from the rear of the switch and spur off both wires to a push button switch that can be mounted in the small switch panel to the right of the steering column.This is the most cost effective solution,without having to replace the complete lock and switch unit.The lock and switch are not coded,but the key is.

Nissan Micra se 2003 - Can I use a 2nd starter button with original one? - nig saud

Cheers for the info, I ended up putting some new wires in, fuse holder, and fitted a momentary switch.

Here is a short vid of what I did:


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