Had an RTC with a taxi insurance claim question - NewUsername

While I was on a roundabout a taxi driver thought it would be a good idea to overtake me and cut in front of my car to get the exit I was wanting and he unfortunately hit my car. I don't feel I was liable for this.

The damage isn't too bad to either car and I have contacted my insurance who are processing it. Naturally the taxi driver is trying to claim otherwise and saying me who is at fault.

I was wondering what Taxi insurance firms are like for claims as given its a professional drivers insurance firm I am worried about them being awkward with liability than normal car insurance.

The only other person who saw the crash was my mum in the passenger seat of my car.

Had an RTC with a taxi insurance claim question - Ethan Edwards

I don't accept your premise. If he is at fault (and it sure sounds to me like he is). Then whether he is a professional or amateur driver is totally irrelevant.

What your situation does say is that you do need to buy a Dash Cam or two.

Has he now accepted liability? Contact his company and yours and make it very plain that you will not be accepting liability and will not agree to a knock for knock basis for the claim. Do you have legal insurance?

Keep us posted on here.

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Had an RTC with a taxi insurance claim question - daveyjp

No different to any insurance claim - it will all be decided on evidence. For roundabout incidents insurance companies will always go knock for knock and you will be fortunate at this stage for the third party company to simply accept liability.

To ensure you have a good claim you must have a well prepared version of events - dates, times, weather, photos of the area (streetview will do if its up to date), vehicle movement paths etc Even if it runs to a few pages it's better than the basic info you can put on a claim form.

Had an RTC with a taxi insurance claim question - argybargy

As said above, no different to any other claim after an RTC. Professional drivers are still subject to the same stringencies when it comes to exercising due care and attention, and their insurance companies, however grand they might be, cannot absolve them of that responsibility.

My wife had an incident with a taxi driver not long after she passed her test.

Waiting in her Ford Escort at a set of lights and intending to turn right, a minicab coming in the opposite direction flashed his lights, so she thought (not as per the Highway Code, of course) he was allowing her to go. The lights went to green, she went to turn right, he took off in her direction like Fireball XL5 and caught the back end of her car. The damage to my wife's Escort was on the invisible side of "minor"; the damage to his Sierra seemed far too great to have been caused by such a minor collision, but she exchanged details as per the law.

It dawned on us later that must have had prior damage, perhaps from an incident where he didn't stop to exchange details or maybe hit a fence or bollard, and was looking for an opportunity to get it fixed when my poor wife came along.

A letter arrived from his solicitors a few days later--usual unnecessarily bombastic tone, threatening all manner of horrible consequences if we ignored it--and we passed it on to my wife's insurers.They notified that he was claiming for loss of earnings and hire vehicle, and yet just days later we saw him in the still damaged car, plying his trade. It occured to me at the time to dob him in with our insurer but in the end I couldn't be arrased.

If the same thing happened now I'd most certainly make sure our insurer had the full story.

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Had an RTC with a taxi insurance claim question - NewUsername

I had a call from his insurance company today asking for my version of events and I asked them to contact my insurance firm and I mentioned that I was holding them liable, the other driver hasn't mentioned to them that he thinks I am liable so I will see what happens next.

Had an RTC with a taxi insurance claim question - argybargy

Maybe things have changed since I last had an insurance claim, but I'm surprised that his insurers contacted you.

Generally speaking its best to answer all queries through your own insurers, and refer any correspondence that you receive from the "other side" to your own insurer, unanswered. Judging from your post you appear to have done the right thing by referring them to your insurers rather than answering their query.

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Had an RTC with a taxi insurance claim question - NewUsername

Just had another call from them, I told them my insurance firm is dealing with it and redirected it to them to my insurer again.

Had an RTC with a taxi insurance claim question - concrete

Firstly, check your insurance; you may have legal cover which allows you to engage their solicitor.

Secondly, taxi drivers, like most 'professionals' think they have licence to take short cuts because thier journey is 'important'. They may be able to drive a vehicle very well but it doesn't make them a good driver or free from accidents. I would stand at the roundabout with a video camera and catch some examples of this type of driving. Good evidence of this type can strengthen your case. You could even follow him and film him doing it again.

Thirdly, draw diagrams of the area and show the vehicle positions before, during and after the manouvre on the roundabout. They may look simple like childrens drawings but if they explain your position they will do.

Fourthly and most importantly, is don't back down. You may well be faced with their insurers or their solicitors trying to question and intimidate you, but don't bite. Refer them to your written statement of events and the diagrams and tell them you have nothing to add at this time. Also if you have a solicitor and they try to talk you into a blame share, i.e. 50/50 or 60/40, tell them to stick it and you will let a court decide. If you are in the right you must uphold your position and stick to your guns. They may play brinkmanship but stick at and you can win.

I had this problem with a Royal Mail vehicle on a roundabout. It was so obvious he was to blame but he lied and better lied. I went back to the roundabout, near the RM sorting depot and photographed many of their vehicles doing exactly what he did, which was to cut off the inside lane going across the roundabout. Just before the court case at the Small Claims Court they offered me an 80/20 blame share. My solicitor (insurance provided) advised me to take it. I told him to stick it. I then sent the photographs I had taken to him and the RM. The day before the court case they gave in.

If you are right and confident and can collect some edvidence then stick it out. I am afraid that is price for getting justice because unfortunately most will lie like doormats.

Good luck, Cheers Concrete

Had an RTC with a taxi insurance claim question - NewUsername

I do have legal cover yes, I am surprised his insurance called me for a second time when I redirected them to my insurance the first time.


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