- glidermania
I find some of these readers letters the stuff of much amusement. This weeks winner is surely the people with the F Pace.

So engrossed by the tech on their car, they cannot understand why the board computer shows a full tank range of 460 miles as opposed to the supposed 560 miles range. Here's a tip, drive the car on long journeys and you'll be amazed to find that the displayed range will increase and, you probably get near 560 miles (if you havent got a heavy right foot!).
- Palcouk
Whilst I can understand that a user may not realise that the read out is 'at that instant' its disappointing that the garage/seller was unable to communicate this to the user, and rather than explain has simply fobbed the user off. But then perhaps 'customer service' had no understanding either.
- Chris C
Low mileage low spec 1990 Renault 5 with one lady owner - 1990's cars are becoming more of interest to the alternative classic car community so it might be worth more, and be rarer, than you think...
- RicardoB
I agree re the Renault 5. People are taking more of an interest in cars from that era that seem to have a good history.

What worries me though, is that the lady (or her husband) may well be tempted to fall for one of the many scrappage "deals" doing the rounds.

And that would probably be a real shame.
- misar
Ranging bull? 

I suspect that the F-Pace spent its holidays at the dealers quietly parked up in a corner while the staff had a laugh. However, neither they nor anyone else has mentioned the obvious. Many manufacturers program the range calculation to allow for a reserve of fuel so that you don't run the tank dry. Mazda, for example, seem to be particularly cautious and at one time forums were full of discussions on this.

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