Skoda Fabia Estate - dsg dry clutch - spark plug

I seem to remember reading there were ongoing problems with Skode`s DSG automatic if it had a dry clutch. Looking at buying a 1.2TSI auto but wary about possible problems with the auto system. Any advice ?.

Skoda Fabia Estate - dsg dry clutch - SLO76
Yup... don't do it.
These are well known for problems, the trade are wary of them and value part exchanges accordingly so not only will you run the risk of hugely costly gearbox issues but you'll suffer when you want rid of it at the end. I would look elsewhere if you absolutely must have a small auto.
Skoda Fabia Estate - dsg dry clutch - superad

Yeah I would 2nd that. Had a Octavia dsg dry clutch, replaced at 30k and still wasn't right, had to get rid. Personally I wouldn't buy another VAG car. If you want a reliable efficient petrold auto look at the Toyota Auris hybrid, great cars.


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