Even at the lowest recline, this seat sits almost upright meaning our newborns head just flops forward, this is a serious design failure of the seat and one that I cannot believe Joie with all of their experience in this field failed to recognise when this seat was developed.

The seat cost me £250 and I refuse to take my newborn out in it, I read online the suggestion of using some "wedge" to help with the problem or use some sort of aircraft pillow for babies to support the neck ... no you're OK Joie, why don't you design the seat properly for babies to lie at an incline instead.

Another drawback of this seat is that it's permanently fixed so you won't be able to unclip and use as a carry seat. Beware of that if it's important to you.

Sorry I can't be more positive about this product but I am absolutely livid at this point having bought the seat months in advance and only realising this dangerously flaw on installation. I should have been more diligent with my Google researching.

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