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Hi All

Hoping someone can shed some light on a noise I'm getting from the throttle body of my Fiat Panda 1.2 Dynamic Dualogic.

The noise is definitely a clicking / tapping noise coming from inside the throttle body, and I'm pretty sure it's the butterfly valve opening and closing rapidly. It only happens after I have applied about 1 - 2 cms of throttle, when it idles it's fine, no clicking / tapping at all. I bought and fitted a replacement throttle body from my local scrappy, to try and eliminate the noise but it's still there. Car drives fine, although firing is very slightly stuttery, but only slighty, hardly noticeable really, which makes me wonder if this noise is actually normal. However, I was led to believe the throttle body valve opens and shuts in relation to throttle pedal travel. It has a fly by wire throttle mechanism, didn't know if this was significant.

Does this sound normal? If not, what could be the possible causes for the noise? I have the use of MultiECUScan for my Panda so could check possible causes but would need some advice on what to look for first.

Any thoughts, help and advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

FIAT Panda - Throttle Body Noise - elekie&a/c doctor

The fact that you have no engine light on,no real driveability issues,and another t/body reacts in the same way,would tend to suggest this is normal..On a fly by wire throttle system,the butterfly flap may not give a direct response to the amount of pedal movement that is applied. Lots of different parameters have to be correct before the throttle plate moves.As the engine/car are stationary with no load may be one of the factors.You could try a throttle re-learn procedure,but I doubt if you scanner has this capability.

FIAT Panda - Throttle Body Noise - bigshorty40

Thanks for the reply.

I didn't think of that, the fact the clicking noise occurs with a replacement throttle body could suggest that this is actually normal as you said. It's hard to tell if it does it while driving along, the 1.2 Panda engines are a bit tappy anyway, but the fact the car drives fine and no engine light present also confirm that all is normal.

I'll see if there is a throttle re-learn option on MultiECUScan, and run it anyway if there is.

Thanks again for sharing your views on this.


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