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Apologies but I have genuinely trawled the internet and can't find an answer. Or any answer I can find is pre-digital motor tax so not relevant.

I am Irish and have been in the UK for the last year. I am moving back home in four weeks. I am planning on buying a car here and bringing it back (exporting) it back to Ireland. We have a car in mind which, if test drive goes well, I will have to purchase by the end of this week/early next week.

I believe I am correct that as it will spend some time on UK roads it will have to be taxed. The issue comes in the insurance check for the car. I have issues getting insurance cover in Ireland for various reasons and the one company that will insure me (AXA) have said they could only cover me for a day or two of driving over here as it wouldn't be like the usual 31 days holiday cover as the location at inception date will be in UK.This won't work as it will be three weeks from purchasing car (driving it from garage to my house here and three weeks later driving it home).

Two potential solutions;

1) short term insurance policy to cover me while in UK- is it really true this won't count as insurance? What if I ring DVLA and explain car is being exported?

2) My uncle who lives over here adds the car to his existing policy for his own car and is covered on it up until the day my Irish insurance kicks in and I drive it back? Will the DVLA accept that?

3) If I could get my Irish one extended (unlikely) would they accept it?

The garage won't keep it beyond five days from purchase.

Thank you so much! Been at my wits end in tears trying to sort this out today :(

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FIAT 500X - Exporting a car; what type of insurance does the DVLA need? - RobJP

I suggest you'd be best speaking to a proper 'old-fashioned' insurance broker. They still exist, and, in my experience, are very good at dealing with 'less-than-ordinary' matters such as this.


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