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I have decided to expose xxxx on all the forums I can, after what they did to me as CAB couldn't do anything.

I paid £2000 for a recon engine in my passat and regretted it badly, the car came back with endless problems which ultimately lead me to trade the thing in for a big loss on what i could have got for it because of all the fault lights up on the dash- DPF filter, glowpugs (engine management), i count myself lucky to have made it to the dealer without breaking down AGAIN!!

The thing kept going into limp mode and cost me loads of money as i kept having to go to my local garage to have the thing seen to. I complained and threatened to go to trading standards because they insited the problems were not down to them, in the end i had a report done at MORE expense which highlighted trapped wiring looms, oil leaks and reused gaskets sealed with sealant (which is obviously not proper), eventually they agreed- reluctantly- to have the car back to sort out all the problems. I wish i could say they did but, when i picked it up, the engine managment light was straight on and then before we got home more warning lights etc. etc.

To be honest I didn't even want them to touch it again after the report. I had NONE of these problems EVER before they had worked on my car. I felt they had placed me and my family in danger with the shoddy work, but I had to give them a chance, by law, in order to go to the next level of complaint with trading standards.
I never made it to the next level as the stress and expense was too much, all the while i never had an offer of any reimbursment and I eventually traded it in before seeing this process through as i depend on my car 100% for work and couldn't afford to have it sitting around for evidence purposes whilst i took them to court. I dearly wish i had the time and money to devote to holding them to account for what i believe was awful workmanship.

There is a chatter going on that they operate under several names, this is the list I found:


This is true because they share the same phone numbers. (Not that smart after all.) They have also planted many feedbacks from 'happy' customers which are blatantly fake.

Wish I had done some online research on xxxx before doing any business with them. They are the biggest cheaters.

(Edit: names deleted for reasons which would be obvious if you read the 'naming and shaming' policy in the sticky thread above. I've left the thread up as the common sense in the replies below may help to discourage others from wasting time (including their own) in this way.)

(For 'glowpugs' (para 2 line 3) you had better try the RSPCA.)

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VW Passat - Scammed by (deleted) - RobJP

Your post will be heavily 'cut' by the moderator on here. The same will apply on lots of other forums. This forum has a very clear policy on 'name and shame' type threads.

A clue : it's in bold, 'pinned' at the top of the section. Really obvious for all to see.

Of course, much like when you used your 'dodgy' engine rebuilders, you've just jumped in and not done any research.

A friend of mine says that there's no cure for stupid. But duck tape muffles the sound.

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VW Passat - Scammed by (deleted) - FP

I thought it was well understood by anyone with even basic knowledge of motoring that there is a vast and dodgy industry involving reconditioned engines, gearboxes and so on.

I'm not excusing sharp practice, but I think if I was faced with the need for a new engine on an oldish car and it was suggested I went to one of these back-street outfits I would scrap the vehicle, or just sell it for what I could get.

P.S. Plenty of vicious reviews of the business online. E.g. "crap service, dodgy reputation, fruads [sic] and charlatans" "Don't go near these cowboys..." "Do not use these, workmanship is poor, spend your hard earned money somewhere else."

P.P.S. It seems the OP posted much the same complaints elsewhere a year ago.

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VW Passat - Scammed by (deleted) - RobJP

Another small point : you state that

I dearly wish i had the time and money to devote to holding them to account for what i believe was awful workmanship.

However, to claim against them through the courts would have cost £105, for the full £2000.

But hell, far easier to just rant to random strangers.

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