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Hi, I have a 15 plate Fiat 500 with 17k miles on the clock, I have noticed a slight rattle/clunking noise on the drivers side when going over small bumps and potholes, the feel of the steering and the rest of the car is fine.
Looking online I'm seeing a lot said about top strut mounts? Does this sound about right? Had a look under both front wheels and the only difference that I was able to see was right at the top of the 'rod' there was a white plastic part missing from the drivers side.

Is this likely to be covered under warranty? And is the car safe to drive until I can get it to the dealer?
Thanks a lot, I'm not too clued up with cars!
FIAT 500 - Rattle/clunk from driver side wheel - SLO76
Strut top mount is a very common failure in these and it should be covered under the warranty assuming you have maintained a full Fiat main dealer service history. They may try to fob you off by saying it is a wear and tear item like a shock absorber but stick to your guns if they do, even contact Fiat customer services direct.

It's not panic stations and should be safe to drive for now. I've seen owners with similar rattling strut mounts and other suspension components leaving them for months until they fail an Mot. I wouldn't advise it though. It could also be an anti-roll bar droplink but I'd be surprised at this mileage. Neither job is a great cost even if they do refuse to pay up or if you've not kept its service record up to date. Otherwise good wee cars assuming you've stuck with the simple 1.2 petrol engine.
FIAT 500 - Rattle/clunk from driver side wheel - bathtub tom

I'd check the wheel nuts/bolts first.


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