Ford Mondeo - Engine malfunction/ limp mode - Adam mcgovern
Hi I was diving home yesterday and noticed a whooshing sound and increased air flow through the vents when I accelerated above 1800 revs car still drove fine for abit then the dash flashed engine malfunction and went into limp mode carried on till it was safe to pull in turned the engine off waited 10 mins then back on the road. The same thing happened but when I turned the car over the second time the check engine light was still on. It drove home fine in limp mode, I've pulled it in to my diagnosic reader and it gave P00BD manufacturer control. It's a 2012 1.6 mondeo enonetic there is 86,000 on the clock. I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem and if it was and easy fix before I take it to a garage. Many thanks 
Ford Mondeo - Engine malfunction/ limp mode - elekie&a/c doctor

Can't really see any connection between the increase in air flow through the vents and an engine malfunction.A cheapo happy shopper scanner is unlikely to give any in-depth info on possible faults.Sadly ,easy fixes on modern cars are long gone.

Ford Mondeo - Engine malfunction/ limp mode - Railroad.

The first thing I thought of was a split air intake hose from the turbo to the inlet manifold. As the Doc says, cars are no longer easily fixable and people have to get away from that mentality. Even many independent garages are now getting out of their depth. Factory technical support, equipment and knowledge is essential for today's cars.


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