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Hi all just looking for advice here. On saturday night my car ( Vauxall Astra) was parked in supermarket carpark. On me going back to my car there was a Vauxhall Antara wedged into my rear wing. The car had rolled down the hill whilst the owner was in the shop! Phoned insurance claims department,they took details etc and they put me in touch withsome company called Occulus or something?And they said basicalliy it was mechanical failure and i would have to pay my excess and would maybe lose no claims! how can this be!!! still waiting on insurance opening back up tomorrow (Hastings)

Vauxhall Antara - electric handbrake accident - gordonbennet

Presumably you have the other driver's details, including their insurer.

Your claim is against the other drivers insurance, and apart from notifying them of the non fault accident, your own insurer nor their attack dogs have no need to be involved at all from this point.

if you contact the other insurer, they will (if they have an ounce of sense) bend over backwards to keep you mobile and get your car repaired with as little drama for you as possible, cheaper for them and less hassle for you.

Thats what i would do here, i suspect The Occult are a claims management outfit who your present insurer is referring you to for a fat fee, by all means go down the claims management route if you want to, it wouldn't be my choice but its entirely up to you, i hope you haven't already agreed to let them handle it.

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Vauxhall Antara - electric handbrake accident - FP

If it wasn't your fault, you should not have to lose your excess. It makes no difference if it was "mechanical failure" in another vehicle; if it had been your own it would be different. (That is my understanding - others may wish to comment.) Your no-claims bonus is another matter, though it may be protected, if you took that option - check your documentation.

If Occulus is a claims management company, avoid it like the plague. If you don't understand why, ask in this thread and we'll explain. Suffice to say, you could be landing yourself with some unnecessary (and possibly considerable) expense.

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I had an Antra for over 4 years, I parked up one day and walked away from the car. I glanced back and it was rolling slowly into the car in front, I managed to jump back in and just managed to brake in time before contact. From that day on I always double checked the park brake and also left the car in gear when parked up. I would guess the brake was not engaged. The brake switch is a flick switch and sometimes it simply does not work when flicked, it needs a firm flick if that nakes sense. I suppose it could be a simple mechanical failure but I'm guessing the brake was not engaged.

Vauxhall Antara - electric handbrake accident - Avant

I'll repeat something my mum taught me as soon as I started learning to drive at 17 - ALWAYS leave your car in gear when parked, and ALWAYS have your foot down on the clutch when you start. (There are good mechanical reasons for the latter, and most modern cars have a safeguard requiring it anyway).

That of course corresponds to Park with an automatic.

Vauxhall Antara - electric handbrake accident - gordonbennet

I wonder if Hastings ever re-opened, maybe we will never know.

Vauxhall Antara - electric handbrake accident - Avant


Are you suggesting we should re-enact the battle? Better still, we could invade Normandy, led by you in your lorry, flying the flag of St. George. :)

Vauxhall Antara - electric handbrake accident - gordonbennet

An excellent idea from me learned fiend, German lorry English flag, the Frenchies won't know what's hit em.

No, i was wondering if our OP is still waiting for Hastings to re-open so he could get this issue sorted, as i said we may never find out, were the Occult a good bet, is our OP now swanning about in a new 5 series whilst his damaged car is languishing for 6 months in the back of the workshops, questions questions.

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I have always hated elec handbrakes, they are unreliable, dangerious and cannot be relied upon, may I suggest in future to engage forward or reverse gear after turning engine off, the clutch will hold the car if the brakes fail, or, at the very least slow it down enough to jump in and stop it, consider yourself lucky no man, woman or worse still child got crushed and killed by this rolling car.

If you have excess you will be liable if they decide that you are to blame either whole or in part, can you prove the handbrake was applied ?

As for not telling your insurance which I think someone suggested, it is an offence in itself to not report all RTC, all insurance companies state that all collision's must be reported, if the other party claim and you have not told your own insurers, then they cannot only refuse the claim they can also refuse your insurance cover for that day, and then you face the charge of driving without insurance.

One last note most car parks have CCTV, which is accepted as evidence without question.

Vauxhall Antara - electric handbrake accident - gordonbennet
As for not telling your insurance which I think someone suggested, it is an offence in itself to not report all RTC,

Not aware that was the case, i suggested the OP let the third party's insurer deal with it and avoid some credit hire mob if at all possible, it was the OP's car hit by a runaway Antara from how i read it, maybe it's me who has the wrong end of the stick.

Though it appears the OP has vanished without trace anyway, maybe still waiting on the phone for Hastings, and we'll never know what happened.

Sadly this happens in so many threads, OP asks for and gets advice which may or may not be useful, then never bothers replying.


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