Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - daveyK_UK


can anyone reccomend a dealer who gives decent discount on Subaru?

Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - Ian D
Depends on lots of factors what a dealer will discount (stock levels, time of the month or year, your haggling skills etc).
Get prices from reputable brokers e.g. Drivethedeal and use that as a starting point...
Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - daveyK_UK
Looking at a petrol forester

Was driven around in a suppliers forester today and just say I was highly impressed.

They start from £26k which is high so was hoping to find a discount
Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - glidermania

Try Carwow.

Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - SLO76
Get quotes from brokers then call dealers within range to see if they'll match it. Sadly though Subaru's are hugely overpriced in the UK compared to other markets as are their parts and most dealers are small family run outfits with a profit per unit mentality which comes from import restrictions that mean they're not able to sell greater volumes even if they reduced prices.
Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - RobJP

DTD, C2C don't have Subaru up. Carwow do though, no idea what they'll be able to do. also autoebid, who are up here on HJ

Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - daveyK_UK

Thanks for the help,

was hoping to pay no more than £20k but I presume I wont get anything for less than £23k based on what In have found so far.

Sending my car in for a valet tomorrow, will get an idea on a part ex price and take it from there.

Forester is a hell of a car, brilliant piece of kit

Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - RobJP

There are a few late 2016 cars on autotrader with minimal mileage and reasonable pricing.

that one works out as about 18% off the list price

Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - daveyjp

Nice car in that link - red is not a common colour.

A quick check against similar vehicles at my local dealers shows it is also keenly priced.

Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - RobJP

Yeah, I must admit I'd be tempted by that for us - the Shogun is starting to get decidedly tatty these days, and needs more and more fettling each year prior to the MOT.

As SWMBO only does about 6k miles a year in the 4*4, a modern diesel would be out of the question. But that would tick all the boxes, and with moderate care there's a decade of (hopefully) trouble-free motoring there.

Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - Falkirk Bairn

New 2017 models due soooooon (March /April)...........should be a deal on 2016/2017 "Registered cars".

Subaru seem to have a habit of selling brand new cars from say 2015 in 2016 even 2017 so watch out ....if the price looks very good it could be older than the REG indicates.

Check the dates on the seat belts. ashtray etc for guidance on the age of the "brand new car"

Lots of low mileage pre-regs for sale in the last week - must be a Subaru UK clearance ....a deal to be done!

2017 models of Forester (have Eyesight fitted on many models) have been out in USA since July 2016 & new model here is supposed to be March /April - about 9 months behind as Subaru UK attempt to clear "old stock".

New Subaru BRZ is due again Aprilish but this is some 8 months behind the Toyota GT86 - again clearance of BRZs in Dealers just now.

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Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - daveyjp

Any XE or XC model (none premium pack) with a touch screen audio system was manufactured during the last 12 months.

Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - corax
"Forester is a hell of a car, brilliant piece of kit"

Which one did you drive, and what did you like about it?

Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - daveyK_UK
"Forester is a hell of a car, brilliant piece of kit"

Which one did you drive, and what did you like about it?

2.0 petrol and the space inside is fantastic and it appears well put together with a focus on car engineering over daft chrome and painted shiny plastic that you would find on the likes of a renault

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Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - corax

If you look at the reviews of the Forester against rivals, they preach the same old tired mantra about it feeling dated.

Yet when you read owner reviews, they seem to like it immensely. It's rare that you'll get a negative view.

The priorities of a road tester (new, shiny thing, touchy feely dashboard, rag it around the corners, whoop with joy at the punch in the back acceleration, then discard and move on to the next toy), are different to an owner (reliable for whole ownership period, running costs, comfort, practicality, towing ability e.t.c or used car owner who is interested in good engineering for longevity).

Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - daveyK_UK
Going to test drive one next week, good advice from earlier post about checking the cars true age.

Subaru problem in the U.K. Has always been dealership network, poor importer and high prices.

A pre reg with a decent discount helps the cause.

Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - RT
Subaru problem in the U.K. Has always been dealership network, poor importer and high prices.

Just one problem to fix - that'll fix the other two.

Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - daveyjp
On the test drive be mindful the car likes revs and hill starts may need more gas than you're used to.
Subaru new/pre-reg discounts - madf

4 page advert in Saturday's DT for Subaru. Registrations so far this year down nearly 20%.

Their marketing ic rubbish.and pricing is all over the place.

They can sell all they make in US so UK is a sideshow (and it shows)


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