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I have badly scratched my windscreen and one side window with my scraper on a frosty morning. Will my insurance company happily cover this on my windscreen excess or will they refuse as I caused the damage and it's not broken ?

Ford Fiesta - Windscreen scratches - RobJP

If the windscreen would pass an MOT, then there is no good reason for it to be changed. That's the MOST LIKELY view of an insurance company ...

As to your insurance policy, and what it does (or does not) say, I suggest you go and read it yourself. Different insurers may have different procedures, and there are hundreds of insurers, so you are best placed to find this information out for yourself.

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Some years ago I had an arguement with an insurance company when the drivers door window of her car was broke. They refused to pay saying only windscreens were covered but when I checked teh small print it cleary said "glass" with no mention of "windscreens" anwhere. Initially they refused to pay up but the treat of legal action based on the T & C's resulted in a cheque dropping onto the doorstep.

But no policy will cover scratches. Its for broken glass only.

If you want then to replace you will need to self inflict more severe damage.

But check the small print first.

Ford Fiesta - Windscreen scratches - drd63

And the claim for self inflicted damage then becomes insurance fraud...


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