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My car was hit by a third party whilst parked on my road, I was not around at the time however one of my neighbours witnessed it and passed the information of the vehicle in question on to me. My car is damaged (creased and dented) on the offside wing, I got a rough estimate for repair from a private garage of around £500. I have not informed my insurance company of the incident yet as my renewal is due soon and I am unsure whether this incident will adversely affect my premium. I am a 22 year old male and this will be my first year without any claims. Any advice or help with this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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You have to report this incident to your insurance company and give the details of the other vehicle if you have it. If the other vehicle didn't stop to give details you need to report that fact to the police asap.

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I get the impression it's a hit and run, as said that's a poilce matter but anyone's guess how interested they will be, they should manage a crime number though for you/your insurer.

Assuming that £500 is from a workshops featuring managers receptionists carpets and coffee, you might be able to get a better price from a one man and his dog bodyshop, if we assume the other driver isn't found then i would only inform you insurer for information purposes and not claim, if the other driver is found and there is enough evidence to prove it was he and he drove off then in theory (assuming you are covered for legal ex's) your insurer should be able to pursue him, whether that works out in your favour in the end is not guaranteed.

Your insurance is probably going to go up regardless now, so you might as well try your best to make the other party's life as miserable as possible too.

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If you have the vehicle details then you can find the registered keeper by paying the DVLA a small fee (£3.50 ish).

Assume the third party did not stop and give name & address to anyone then they have commited an offence. Report this to the Police.

I would chase the third party or their insurance company.

You can find if the vehicle is insured by giving £4 to MID

If it's Insured then chase the Insurance company.


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