Please help me help my friends choose a car. - ike2

Dear all

Some of my friends are changing their car for the first time since 1998 as their Astra estate is on its last legs.

They have a budget of £15000 and are looking at new or nearly new - certainly with some warranty left. The badge on the front is immaterial.

Their requirements are:



Raised driving position

Easy access as they are getting older

Room in the back seat for child seats for grandchildren

Roomy boot for stuff that grandchildren need these days and for trips to the tip

Large enough to get a kayak on the roof

All suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-)

Please help me help my friends choose a car. - RobJP

Dacia Duster

I'd throw in the Yeti,but the 'problems' list has been extensive.

Please help me help my friends choose a car. - cdbr

The New Honda Jazz is within their budget, ticks all their boxes. My dear old mum has had one since 2004 and it hasn't missed a beat or needed any repairs other than service items.

Kayaking at their age, impressive!

Please help me help my friends choose a car. - skidpan

Kia Venga.

The 1.6 petrol auto retails at over £15000 but after reputable broker discounts both the "2" and "3" spec models come in at under £15000.

Appears to tick all their boxes and since they appear to keep their cars a considerable time the 7 year warranty should be a useful feature.

And the auto is a torque converter type.

Please help me help my friends choose a car. - SLO76
On the assumption they don't do many miles and a DPF equipped diesel is therefore unsuitable and a raised ride height, comfort and longterm reliability are key factors I'd tell them to look at a Honda CRV 2.0 auto. They'll get a good 4th gen 2013/14 with 25k or less for around £15k and it'll likely outlast pretty much anything else they could buy. Auto Trader #DrivenByMe

It is however a large car and even though the SE-T and above has a rear vision camera and all round parking sensors it might be too big for them so another possibility would be a Toyota Auris 1.8 Hybrid Touring which will do 50mpg, costs nothing to tax if registered new before April 17 which it would be for their budget. It doesn't sit that high but the drivers seat does adjust for height and it does sit a little taller than most rivals. Auto Trader #DrivenByMe

The problem with finding a car to suit with a raised ride height is that most SUV's and people carriers that are equipped with an autobox come hand in hand with a Diesel engine so the likes of the Kia Sportage and Hyundai ix35 are out of contention.

Smaller cars like the Honda Jazz wouldn't suit because of the need for the kayak roof ornament and the Dacia Duster isn't available with an auto. But the Kia Venga would possibly fit the profile if they intend longterm ownership. They crash in value used so it's not one I'd recommend otherwise but it's a reliable car with an outstanding warranty they'd be able to buy new or newly new. Auto Trader #DrivenByMe

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Please help me help my friends choose a car. - ike2

Many thanks for your suggestions.

SLO76 has highlighted the problem that most of the vehicles that fit the brief are either diesels or don't come as automatics. A prime example of the latter is the Rack Duster. I would buy one like a shot for myself except that I only drive automatics now.

I drive a Toyota Auris Sport Tourer Hybrid which was one suggestion. I love it by my friends find it too low for easy of entry and exit. Kia was certainly on my list and maybe even a Toyota Verso automatic as it has the height needed.

I hadn't considered a CR-V auto but will look at it more closely. My parents Honda Jazz is 12 years old and still going strong so may well outlast us all.

Many thanks once again.


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