What's the best four seat convertible with four-wheel drive?

My daughter's four year lease on a Range Rover Evoque ends in March 2024. She is looking to replace it with a four-seater convertible and doesn't want an EV. Her annual mileage is about 12,000 miles.

As she lives in Sheffield, built on seven hills and prone to snow in the winter, four wheel drive would be preferable. What makes and models should she be looking at, and are there any new models due out to be available by Spring 2024?

Asked on 28 June 2023 by Mark Crook

Answered by David Ross
There are a very limited number of four-seat convertibles that are also available with four-wheel-drive, so right now her choice is likely between the BMW 4 Series Convertible with xDrive or the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible with 4Matic. If she would rather choose from a wider range of vehicles, an alternative would be to purchase a second set of alloy wheels with winter tyres, which would arguably offer more security in snowy conditions than four-wheel-drive.
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