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My car is a 2005 Ford Mondeo 2.2TDCi which is fitted with the Ford DuraTorque "Puma" engine and I believe it is a late Euro 3 version as it is around this time that Euro 4 version became available. The injectors fitted to it are 601's but I also have a new set of 701's which came out of 2006 Mondeo 2.2 TDCi (Euro 4). Please can you tell me if the two types of injectors are interchangeable and what is the difference between the two? I have looked at them side by side and I cannot see any difference in the body of the injector in fact the only difference that I can see is the spray nozzles are ever so slightly different.

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Ford Mondeo mk3 2.2TDCi - Diesel Injectors - elekie&a/c doctor

Looking at the parts catalogue,Euro 3 and 4 injectors are listed as different.So I would presume they are not interchangeable.Also when replacing injectors,make a note of the 16 digit code of each one and what order they have been installed in the engine,so that they can be coded into the system.

Ford Mondeo mk3 2.2TDCi - Diesel Injectors - Steve864

Thank you for your reply. Are you able to tell me what the difference is between the two types of injectors? I appreciate what you are saying but I don't understand what the differences are between a Euro 3 and a Euro 4 models.



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