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I would be very grateful for any knowledgeable comments on acquiring telematics insurance
I know that Aviva has one using your phone but others have a box fitted but can you transfer this box from company to company and what about using a gps system
Any help would be great
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The 'black box' variants are owned by the insurance company, so have to be returned to them if you change insurance provider.

There have been 'issues' with various black boxes, with one article the other week where the box (that had been removed from the car at the end of the policy, and was awaiting sending off to the insurer so sitting on the k****** table), recording speeds of over 100mph while in the k****** overnight. Another went into some form of glitch, and recorded the driver travelling constantly for 4 days, non-stop.

The Aviva 'drive' app ... well, you're giving them unrestricted access to everything on your phone. I know of one person who had a 'threat' by an insurance company to raise his premiums on renewal, as he was attending motorsport events as a spectator, and posting attendance on Facebook, so they wanted to view him as higher risk, due to his pastime.

An alternative - if you want one for yourself, rather than an insurance company insisting on one - would be a dashcam setup hard-wired into the car. Records footage, and any reasonable one has full GPS.

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On TV last week a young driver was accused of driving @60mph in a housing estate and had the policy cancelled immediately.

One of the roads on the housing estate is roughly 100 yards long and runs parallel to an dual carriageway roughly 20 yards away where 70mph is the limit.

The small engined car could not accelerate fast enough in 100 yards straight stretch of road to reach 60mph in 100 yards - corner at both ends!

The young driver's policy was re-instated after a few weeks of haggling.

Suv - The best telematics to use - captpete
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