Ford Ka+ (2016 – 2020) Review

Ford Ka+ (2016 – 2020) At A Glance


+Impressive levels of comfort and refinement. Spacious interior and large boot. Well-equipped as standard. Good ride and very comfortable.

-Not as efficient or as cheap to buy as its rivals. Bland styling. 1.2 petrol engine is characterless and slow.

Insurance Groups are between 1–5
On average it achieves 87% of the official MPG figure

The Ka+ is the cheapest new Ford, with its sub-£9k price pitching it squarely against the best five-door small hatchbacks on the market. Good build quality and low running costs make the Ka+ easy to recommend, although some might be disappointed by the bland styling and sluggish performance.

Despite the name, the Ka+ is not actually related to the Ka - it’s actually based on the Fiesta. Yet, despite being shorter than Ford’s best-selling hatchback, the Ka+ is a proper five seater and has a useable 270-litre boot.

There are only two trim levels to choose from - Studio and Zetec - but both versions get lots of kit as standard, including front fog lights, electric door mirrors, Bluetooth and electric front windows. However, unlike the competition, there are no colourful customisation options for the interior, which means you have to make do with lots of dull grey plastic. 

Despite being the entry-level car of the Ford range, the Ka+ doesn’t feel below par when it comes to quality. All of the doors shut with a satisfying clunk and the switchgear in the cabin feels on par with anything you’d find in the Mondeo or S-MAX. Soundproofing levels are also impressive, which means the cabin is quiet and a relaxing place to sit.

The Ka+ impresses on the road with a smooth ride that does a good job of ironing out bumpy roads and potholes. The steering is precise and light, which makes it easy to navigate tight urban streets and exploit gaps in traffic. The large windscreen and wide door mirrors also provide excellent visibility, which makes reversing and parking a stress free experience.

The engine and gearboxes choices are limited. In fact, there is just one engine - a 1.2-litre petrol that comes in two versions - 70PS or 85PS. And there's only a five-speed manual gearbox. Both versions of the four-cylinder engine return an official 56.5mpg, however, even in its most powerful form, the Ka+ is slow footed, with 0-62mph taking 13 seconds. Opt for the 70PS unit and you’ll be waiting 15 seconds to hit motorway speeds, which makes busy junctions and slip roads a frustrating experience.

Despite its shortcomings, the Ka+ is a decent small hatchback, even if it sorely lacks Ford’s excellent 1.0 EcoBoost engine. The interior gets all the basics right, with lots of space and impressive build quality. Running costs are also low, which makes the Ka+ an appealing choice as a second car. However, there’s no hiding the fact that the 1.2-litre engine is weak on performance. The dull interior only enhances the fact that the Ka+ desperately lacks the fun and style of its rivals. 

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Ford Fiesta or Ford KA+?
"My daughter is in the market for a used car and has her heart set on a Ford Fiesta or Ford KA+ as she wants a 4-door hatch. Her funds can stretch to £8000. What would you recommend, please? Many thanks."
The Fiesta is a better pick than the KA+ and there's far more of them about on the used market so you can afford to be picky. You can get a 2017 model with less than 5000 miles on it for £7777, for example:
Answered by Georgia Petrie
Do I have to pay for a warranty inspection because the dealership moved the appointment due to coronavirus?
"I booked a service, MoT and warranty inspection on a Ford KA on 30 April 2020. The three year warranty is due to expire on 8 May 2020. I have now been informed by the local main Ford dealership that this inspection can only be carried out on 2 June 2020, which is outside of the expiry date of my three year guarantee. The service department have advised me that despite the date change at their request owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the warranty has expired and I will be charged for the MoT and warranty inspection in full. I consider this disappointing and unreasonable, what do you think?"
The dealer's service department is wrong. Ford warranty claims have been extended by 180 days, which means any potential problems will still be covered by the standard manufacturer warranty:
Answered by Dan Powell
There's a fault warning showing, should I stop using the car til the outbreak ends in case it's a warranty repair?
"My Mum's 2017 Ford KA+ has started showing a message saying 'ABS malfunction. Contact Service'. She got an email from Ford saying they were shutting their doors except for key workers. She is over 70 so is self isolating. I am using the car occasionally just so it doesn't just sit there for potentially 12 weeks. The car seems to drive okay. Is this something to worry about and should I stop using the car until I can get it to a Ford dealer, or can I still use it for short runs? Should I contact Ford, just to log the problem until I can get it to them in case it is a warranty repair?"
Unless you need the car for essential travel (to buy food, medicine or get to work), I would advise that you report the fault to Ford and stop using the car. It may be fine for short runs, but if it experiences a mechanical breakdown (or causes an accident) then you will put additional pressure on your potentially overstretched local emergency services.
Answered by Dan Powell
Should I be worried about owning a petrol car in the future?
"I currently have a Ford Ka+ and am very happy with it but worry about owning a petrol car into the future. I don't drive to work so like to keep the car in the garage in the week so it needs to be quite narrow. What do you recommend for a suitably narrow EV or PHEV to replace the Ka+ when the time comes?"
If you're happy with your Ka+, I wouldn't be too worried about its replacement for the time being. Petrol cars account for around 70 per cent of all new car registrations and EVs just 5 per cent - it will be a long time before petrol cars are under threat. At the moment there are very few EVs as small as your Ka+, but there are more on their way - the new Honda e, for example.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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